I’ve never seen myself as a good writer. I’ve always been bad in writing or just even relaying the thoughts inside my head. My thoughts are always faster than my words which is why I sometimes lose my point or even stutter. It’s even the main reason why I couldn’t go to my first choice university. I got such a low mark in English. In fact, the only reason why I joined the school paper back in high school was because my best friend edited my work. Probably without him, I wouldn’t even have tried to write. I always asked him if my ideas were good or if my writing was flawed and he was always supportive to teach me to write better. But when we got to college and went to different universities, I eventually stopped writing. It wasn’t because I stopped having ideas and opinions, it was because my best friend wasn’t there anymore to tell me what’s right or wrong. I never developed the confidence I needed to believe that what I right was good, or even important, or if it even made sense at all.

I’ve always wanted to write, to share my views and opinions, but I’ve always been scared that my lack of talent will get in the way. I’ve always thought that to be a writer, you have to be good in writing. But I guess that’s not always the case. Style, grammar or whatever technical skills that’s needed in writing can be taught. But the passion to speak and the love of the expressing yourself is what counts. What matters is that you have the guts to say what’s on your mind and make people think and react to whatever it is that you say, whether it be good or bad.

I guess I should have never let the fear of being bad in writing stop me from being a writer. I’ve even realized that it doesn’t even matter if I sucked so bad at writing because I want to be a writer to share my point of view, to help people understand and to make people challenge what they already know. So, so what if my writing skills suck, so long as I get my point across, who cares if my grammar is bad. Right?

My point is, do not let the fear of incapacity take over your dreams. Don’t stop yourself from trying your hardest and fighting the fight because you think you can’t do it. I’ve always believed that people have the capacity to do anything they set their mind into doing. And to those who think that it can’t be done, think of airplanes, and for some time, people have thought we can never fly, but they were proven wrong. Everything you can think of, you can make possible so long as you the determination to make it come true.


4 thoughts on “Capability

  1. JP Mata says:

    Very great second post. Yes, we must not lose hope of anything just because we feel that we can’t have or do it.

    We fear to fail so we never try.

    Keep it up!

    • paningskie says:

      Yeah. Never let the fear of failing keep you from doing what you love. Haha. People need to realize that they have nothing to lose by trying. Coz you’ll never know unless you try 🙂 I mean, if you try and you fail, at least you tried. But there’s that big possibility is that you’ll do great because ur heart is into it. Haha.

  2. ang importante, u can make your point and get the message across.. kahit anong gnda pa ng style, at ganu kagnda grammar at kafancy words mo, kung d ka naiintindihan ng mga ngbabasa, walang kwenta lahat un..=P hahaha

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