I think this one of the most cliché topics people talk about. We know we have them, we know it’s stupid to have them but we still do and we know we should just get over it but we still linger in its grasp. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we love to wallow in insecurities. Do we love the idea that we’re not good enough because it’s better to think that you’re a failure than be someone of importance? Are we that scared of handling responsibilities that we’d rather choose to fail and say, oh well, I’m just not good enough. Or even if we try and succeed, why can’t we admit it to ourselves that we’ve accomplished something? Why can’t we just pat our backs and say good job rather than say I could’ve done better or that no matter what I do, I will never be good enough? Is it because people think that not having insecurities is not human? Or that the line between arrogance and confidence is way too thin for us not to cross it? Isn’t part of humility accepting the fact that we’ve done good and just move forward than trying to deny that we’ve done good?

Insecurities… We ALL have them. It doesn’t matter if we seem like the most confident person in the world. Or even arrogant. Because no matter what façade you put on for people to see, inside your head, you will always feel that you will never be good enough. But somehow, I realize that this is not true and it’s possibly the other way around. We’re not insecure because we think we’re not good enough, we’re insecure that we have the ability to do anything we want but we are just too scared to just do it. I guess the line “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it’s that we are powerful beyond measure” is true. We expect ourselves to fail because we want to fail, not because we think we are incapable of accomplishment. Kind of a weird idea I guess. But it seems logical.

I guess it’s just the fear of failure and success, I do think people know that they are capable of anything, but they’d rather just sit back and try not to think about it too much. I think most people are more comfortable with feeling inadequate than feel like a million bucks because it’s much easier that way. People tend to handle failure easier because there’s nothing to expect after that. But if you actually believe that you’ve done good, you’d expect bigger and better things from yourself and that’s just pressure. And nobody likes pressure, or at least most people don’t. People also tend to think that accomplishing something will lead to arrogance and with our socially polite environment, nobody wants to be that person.

So my question is when will people step up? When would people realize that hiding behind insecurities is pointless? When can we finally face our fears and live up to the potential that was given to us? I hope people see that we have the responsibility to improve ourselves and to stop whatever excuses we’ve come up with. I hope that people realize that being insecure doesn’t mean that you think you’re not good enough, it just means that there something to conquer, and that is ourselves.


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