A friend asked me to write this piece, I don’t know if he just wants to hear my point of view on this matter or he would want some advice regarding it, but nevertheless, I’m going to write it since it’s something good to talk about. So he asked me this question, “should you fight for something, even if you know your chances are slim?”

My immediate answer to it is YES, most definitely. And I will tell you why. Well, first of all, anything you believe in is worth fighting for regardless of your chances. People don’t fight for their principles because they know that they are going to win, people die for what they think is right, just because it’s something that they know in their heart should be fought for. The outcome of your decision should never be reason why you do something, the thing itself is enough to do what we do and the chances of winning or the possibility of losing should never be an issue as long as you know in your gut that what you’re doing is right.

The other thing is, if you think you’re going to lose, why the hell would you back down? I mean, if you’re chances of winning is already extremely remote, then you’ve got nothing to lose fighting for the truth that you just might as well try. I mean, fighting a war when you know you can’t win is one of the greatest odds in the book, know why? Everyone is already expecting you to lose, so if you do lose, then it’s alright, you just become stronger, but if you end up winning, victory will never taste quite a sweet

I think people are just so scared because they think they have a lot to lose when they battle against odds, but in my point of view, that will never be true. I’m one or those people who think that the only time you lose is when you don’t try. Because why not try? If you believe in something so much, why not fight for it? Why let your chances of winning be a factor? If you know you’re already going to lose, why not gamble with the small chance you have? Because so long as you fight for the things that you love, you will never lose.

I guess some people think that’s stupid, to pursue something you think you’ll never win, but to me it isn’t. The mere perseverance of doing something or doing something just because it’s right is victory in itself. Only cowards fight the war they know they could win, it takes a lot of courage to go into battle when you know your chances are weak. I think people should also learn that winning is not the true essence of victory; it is in fact the self satisfaction of doing something that you believe in. So what if you die trying to win a battle that can’t be won, at least you have the contentment in yourself that you did the right thing, that you didn’t stand just watching your principles crumble and fall. It means that you will fight till the end, even if you lose, or even if you think you don’t have a chance, to prove a point.
“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds” – Orison Marden

So just do what you think is right, fight for your beliefs even if the world is against you, because so what? People may think that you’re out of your mind trying to beat the chances, but as long as you know that what you’re doing is worth fighting for, odds are, no amount of resistance can stop you.


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