A picture is worth a thousand words. And I see it that way too, but in our current social networking environment, a picture means nothing. To us now, it’s just some random shot of some random person in the most current place they’ve been to. That’s it. That’s all it is now. And I think that it has completely defiled the essence of a photograph.

To me, a photograph should be special; it should represent a moment you want to remember. It should make you smile or cry or laugh every time you see it because it makes you remember a memory of something you wanted to cherish. You shouldn’t even be concerned how you look or what outfit you were wearing because what’s important is the moment captured, not where you were or what outfit you had on at that particular instance.

Sites are flooded with too much meaningless pictures, jump shots, fashion shots and candid shots that we all know are fake and sometimes I wonder how did this come to be? I’ve personally experienced problems when people who go on vacation take more time taking pictures of themselves with the view than enjoy the view itself. We spend so much time taking pictures that we almost forget where we are, all that matters to us is to show off the pictures and that we were there, not how we felt when we got there or the experience that we had. How did we end up from a special caught moment to some random thing that you post on the internet to show, well to brag to people where you’ve been? Is that really the point of a picture? Are we really that vain? Have we really lost the meaning of one of the most artistic expression of human life?

But I guess the photography industry has extremely benefited from all this. From all the sales of digicams, dlsrs and lenses from all the people who wish to supposedly catch a moment. But photography in itself has just become a swarm of empty ideas just taken out of vanity; nothing rich nor colorful, nothing brilliant and heartbreaking. It’s become a sham and most probably insincere towards some of its subjects.

It’s kind of sad really, of how much pictures should mean so much but now, it’s just taken just to change your facebook profile picture. Or to brag to your friends to show how cool your life is. To create an image of self worth and character so that people can see how established you are. Maybe most people just see the pictures, they don’t realize how much beauty a picture can possess, it has now turned into, like most things today, is nothing special.

I don’t want to see things like that. I may have only a few things in my life but I make sure that those things mean something to me. I want those things to bring me back to a memory, good or bad, when I see them or when I touch them. I want to feel what I felt the time I took the picture when I see it, I want to hear the laughter, the heartbreak and the wind in the background. I want to feel the place I’ve travelled to when I see the picture, or remember the setbacks I’ve experienced when I made that trip. I want to remember the people I’ve met or the people I was with when I go back to those memories. I want that picture to be meaningful and honest as how it should be. I want a picture to mean more than just a facebook picture, I want it to be a remembrance, a memento of something special, of something to great that I wanted to take a picture of hold on to that moment. That is what a picture is, or maybe what it should be.


4 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Paning! You have a blog na pala! I saw the link sa Skype status mo. 🙂

    I agree with you. Sometimes I see people not enjoying the peacefulness of a place kasi they keep on taking pictures on every damned corner! I get irritated when people want to take pictures for the sake of may bagong profile pic sa FB. And I want to smack them in the head when they keep on doing retakes.

    When I went to El Nido, they kept asking me why I don’t use my digicam often. Sabi ko I’m lazy and I’m enjoying my vacation. 🙂

    Sorry but ang dami na din poser ngayon na “photography enthusiast” Hello bumili ka lang ng DSLR para kumuha ng pang-profile pic mo sa FB!

    • paningskie says:

      Haha! Yeah, started it last March by a request of a friend. Haha. Thanks for reading it.

      Nyahaha! Yeah, sila na ang sosyal! May DLSR para pang-facebook. Haha. I remember when i bought my first camera, people couldn’t believe that i actually bought a camera to take pictures of my dogs and not myself. Haha! and you want to tell them, NOT EVERYONE IS VAIN PEOPLE! Hahaha.And yeah, i do get annoyed a lot kasi they eat up most of the time, i mean how many takes does it have to get a good shot, they seem to waste wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much time taking pictures, it’s sad really, na if you get to go somewhere, you’d rather take a picture of urself rather than what you came there for in the first place. You just want to shake and say, pictures are not the reason to travel people. Haha, i’ve just realized, parang like “starbucks mentality” we can now call it “facebook mentality”. haha! imma write something about that.

      Miss you dear, haha! Can’t wait til our next bonding session. Mwah! 🙂

  2. Friends talaga tayo! 🙂 I share the same view. Mas gusto ko kunan yung things that fascinate me or yung place without my face in it. Di ko naman kailangan ng proof na nandun ako eh.

    Shet kakainis kapag naglalakad ka, enjoying the view tapos biglang “Picture tayo dito para remembrance!” Tae.

    I miss you dear. Kapag nagstart na ako sa work overnight ulit tayo, saka sama ako sa ultimate frisbee! Wala na akong moolah panggala. Sana makapagstart na ako next week. 😦

    • paningskie says:

      Hahaha, yeah, we really are friends, i think we’re extremely similar. haha! Yeah, hate em. But they do enjoy that freedom. hahaha. There’s really nothing we can do about it. Naku, yeah, i can’t wait til our next bonding session. Haha! Hope you can join us mag-frisbee. Good luck on ur new job. Paulanan mu ako kapag mayaman kna :p

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