I think it’s a given that in order to live your life, you have to take risks. Risks are there in whatever we do, whatever choice we make, whether we want to take it or not. Risks will always factor in our decisions and the consequences of it. But what’s funny is that there is a huge misconception with the idea of risk and it is that most people think that risking means that you have to fight for something in order to take a risk. To me, this is extremely untrue. What people don’t realize is that whether you choose to fight or flee, there is always a risk. What’s even funnier is that people think they are risking less if they flee from the situation, but in my opinion, that is the exact opposite.

So how do we define risk anyway, well to me, risks are the consequences of our actions. It is whether or not we could live with the result of our decisions. To me, risks are both good and bad. Risks can be for the better or for the worse. To me having the ability to risk something is an equivalent of chance, it is not necessarily bad, and it can turn out to be for the best. But I guess that’s not how most people define it, or even a dictionary because risks always have a bad connotation. It is always regarded with danger and uncertainty, and even loss. And with that definition, people always veer away from that context because to most rational people, that is never good.

So since most people think that risks are bad, people get away from it as much as possible. They do this by closing themselves from the world, from emotions and from other people. They choose to live in a controlled box where they can see all the possibilities so that they will be able to pick off what they are scared of and keep the ones that are familiar. They would control their lives with the assumption that they can control everything and assume that they can always stay in control. They never take risks and stay as far away from it as possible. They would always choose to hide and daydream of every single thing and assume the worse than try. They would always assume failure and let fear take over so that they would never risk getting hurt and laughable as it may be, growing up. The thing is, people who live this way thinks that they are living a life that has less risks but in truth, this life is a lot more.

You see, when you close yourself from the world, you’re taking away possibilities, and by reducing the possibilities in your life, you risk more. You risk more when you have less, I think that sums up the general rule. To stress my point, I will make this example, say there are two people who eats ice cream when they are sad, person A eats any type of ice cream and person B only eats vanilla and chocolate. Person A has no preference in ice cream because to that person, ice cream is ice cream. But to person B, ice cream cannot be ice cream if it is not vanilla or chocolate, this person defines eating ice cream as that and refuses to try any other flavor with the risk that they may not be as good as vanilla or chocolate. Given the time they want to have ice cream and only cheese was available, person A can eat ice cream while person B will have to find something else to eat in order to be happy. See the point?

You risk more in keeping it to yourself than actually trying it out. You risk more when you are scared to try new things or to meet new people. You risk more when you choose what’s familiar than trying new things once in a while. You risk when you choose to live in a box when you can look up and see the sky. You risk more when you keep your emotions bottled up than declaring it out to the world.

People shouldn’t be afraid of risks, people should embrace risks as part of life. People should see risks as a teacher, as something to think about, not something to run away from. Never fear that the risk of doing something will ruin what you have, because the risk of doing nothing may result in the same thing. Not risking does not guaranty that things will stay the same, it doesn’t provide the comfort that most people think it should.

So take those risks that you’ve been so afraid to conquer. Do the things you’ve wanted to do even if there is a risk of failure. Tell that person you love them despite the risk of rejection. Travel to unfamiliar places with the risk of being lost. That’s the way to live life; to see things beyond the fear of the losing end. Enjoy the moment and push the limits. Risks may give you bumps and bruises but that’s just part of life, that’s part of the fun because the risk of happiness is also at stake. As quoted from “the great one” from hockey, Wayne Gretzky, “you’ll always miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take. So live a little and take a risk.


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