I’ve never been a big fan of destiny by chance, in truth, I don’t even believe in such a thing. I don’t think that things happen because it was meant to be. I don’t think that there is this fate that determines who you are and how you will be from the day you were born until the day you die. I don’t believe that there is this master plan that was determined for each individual; and that all you need to do is read the signs and unfold your destiny. To me, this may seem harsh, but that is just silly.

I think those who believe in fate are either lazy or weak. I mean, if you believe that everything is just a matter of chance or was determined by fate, shows a weakness in character. For example, if someone did not get a job or an opportunity that they really want, they would always say that, “it just wasn’t meant to be”. Which I think to me is a lame excuse for failure. When I hear those words, I always think to myself, the reason why you didn’t get the job is not because it wasn’t some part of plan, the reason you didn’t get the job because you didn’t qualify for it, or there was someone more qualified for it. That is it, that’s the explanation. I don’t get why people would say that everything is part of a bigger plan, as if the universe would conspire over one measly job. Things happen to you because of the circumstances you’ve created, it’s not because there is something out there bigger than you that has determined where you have to go. I guess people say that to cushion the blow, but that’s just it, they use it to comfort themselves rather than dealing with the fact that they weren’t enough. They would just rather tell themselves that fate will give them something better and move forward, which I think is such a cowardly way to live.

In my opinion, people who believe in fate are just scared to take control of their own lives. They are horrified to face the harsh reality that they are the master of their lives because if everything fails, they would be the ones who would be held accountable. I think it is much easier to put all your hopes in the so-called fate rather than put pressure on yourself because they could always say they can’t fight fate. It’s sometimes sad to see that people would choose to be slaves of fate rather than be the captain of their destiny because you know that they could be so much more than what they believe they could be.

The other sad thing about it is that people who believe fate not only lose control over their lives, they also lose time over it. They would wait for something to happen or look for signs that will never show rather than gearing up and taking charge of their lives. They patiently wait and tell themselves that destiny will unfold if they would just give it some time. They lose so much by just waiting and waiting for their so-called fate to give them what they want and not realize that they can be anything and have everything that they want if only they would bet on themselves rather than bet it on chance.

Our destiny is the result of our decisions, it is the consequences of our actions, it is not some predetermined purpose designated to each individual even before they are born. It is not fate that defines who we are, what we do and what we can accomplish, those things are determined by us and our decisions. What people need to think about is that just because something happened unexpectedly, doesn’t mean it happened by accident. People attribute a lot of things to fate or destiny, when in fact, everything that happens to us are never by chance, it’s always a product of our decisions. Our attitude and our perceptions will be the guidelines on how we live our life and that will ultimately establish our end. It is our decisions that will give way to everything, not fate. What’s funny is that even believing in fate is still a decision; however you want to blame chance for it. Having control over your life is not an option; it is inherent with every person. And if you have control over your life, why not put it a direction where you have full control over it, rather than losing control and just playing by chance.

People should say to themselves, it is not a bad thing to have control over your life. Because the person who chooses to the master of their fate strives to be the best person they can be, they will not cheat or lie or go out of character, they will only do what is true to themselves and challenge themselves to be better. They will keep their integrity and never take advantage of other people by saying this is what fate wants for me and for you.

People who don’t believe in destiny have free will and will never be bound by any rules or be conquered by any man, because that person will simply smile and tell themselves that there is nothing I can’t do and nothing I can’t be. I’m not saying it’s not scary to be in control and to have full responsibility, but you are the driver of your life whether or not you choose to be. And that is such a beautiful thing. Do not be scared of the responsibilities that creating your destiny demands, instead be happy that you have the power to make yourself, be happy that no one can tell you who to be or how to act. The ability to shape your life is one of the best things in life, it is a gift not a curse.

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. – William Jennings Bryan


8 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. MarRey says:

    You sound like an ATHEIST. I bet you are. You believe that there is nothing greater than what man can do, that there is nothing greater than man (yourself). I can’t blame you for your perspectives. Nice post.

  2. MarRey says:

    Although I am not an atheist, but a Mormon Christian, I do agree in some of your points (e.g “Our destiny is the result of our decisions, it is the consequences of our actions, it is not some predetermined purpose designated to each individual even before they are born.”). I believe that men were given ‘free agency’ to be able to make choices of different nature. However, I disagree on (of course, being a Christian) how it was portrayed that there isn’t any “bigger plan” that exists for men. I believe that the ‘free agency’ we have, or the decisions we make throughout our lives, are part of the “bigger plan”. If we fail, too bad, we used our agency improperly. If we succeed, then we receive what we worked out to deserve.

    But again, we are both coming from different worlds. If we discuss further, we would be like talking in two different languages, don’ t you think?

    It is good that you have an opinion, and GREAT that they are well supported. =) I think that this particular post will be best read and supported by Atheists as well. However, because your article has a good cause, it shouldn’t be taken with any harm by those who disagree completely.

    Keep it up!

    • Paning Dalan says:

      Wow, thanks. At least I’m getting feedback from someone. Well, I usually express my opinion to make people think about their own. I’m not trying to disprove anyone but I’m challenging those who are willing. Because what I see in society today is a lot of conformity and even ignorance of the existence of being, and it saddens me to see people just go with the flow and never question what they know.

      I’m always open for discussion regarding my point of view, it’s actually one of the reasons why i started my blog. I really want to understand things more and see the other end, i think that’s how people grow and expand their way of thinking. So i would love to hear your side of it 🙂

      I was actually raised as a Protestant, i went to church until i was 18. And the year that i decided to commit myself to the church was the year i became an atheist, which was extremely ironic. I have no problem with faith and religion, because to me, it just defines the way you live. I did love going to church because I learn a lot of things, like how to respect people and how to understand circumstances better, i just don’t believe in a God, that’s why i stopped going to church.

      But i have a question, if you believe that there is a bigger plan, how can you say that you have free will?

  3. What do you call a job offer that came in little too late? Hahaha. I don’t know how to call it.

    • Paning Dalan says:

      Hahaha. You can call the first one impulse? Haha! 🙂 To me, it means you didn’t wait long enough? Nosebleed!

      • Yeah. My timing sucks hehe.

      • Paning Dalan says:

        Hahaha, it’s not really you’re timing. Maybe what you need to focus on is what you have now since you have A LOT of other offers, only goes to show how much you can do. So don’t worry about the opportunity that got away, there are still a lot of things that will catch ur attention but you need to filter the things that come versus the things that you really want, that way, you know for sure that whatever you choose, ur heart is in it. In my opinion, that’s what’s important. 🙂

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