Possible and impossible. People have embraced these ideas from the day they were born. People use this in order to filter their decisions. This is their guideline on what to do and what not to do with their day to day life which I guess is a practical way of looking at it. But to me, these ideas are merely words because the idea of possibility is not based on facts but merely on judgment and personal biases.

To me, impossibility is just a word because you will never know if something is impossible if you never tried. You can never say something is impossible if you haven’t exhausted EVERY SINGLE OPTION. And what’s great about it is that your options will never run out, there is always the next plan. And if you will always have the next option, you can’t prove that something is impossible as long as you’re trying.

I guess the main factor with possibility is our own state of mind. It is our perception of the world that determines which is possible and which isn’t. We create our own limits and boundaries to determine what we can do, what we can accomplish and what is within our reach. To some extent, that’s ok, because it creates the illusion of comfort and expectations. It creates the box that we enclose ourselves in and provides us with the walls to keep bad things out and keep good things in.

But again, as I’ve said a gazillion times before, living in a box is no way to live and the attempt to control your life is laughable. We love to define limits and create boundaries so that we can carefully put ourselves in between. We carefully draw lines and make ourselves believe in expectations that we are comfortable with. We close our minds to the entire world of possibilities because we try to cherry pick the ones we like best and if something is already not in our best list, it is not considered a possibility.

To further stress the point that possibilities is just a state of mind, I’ve asked a friend this question
“ if a man has no legs, would he be able to walk?” His first response to my question was what does walking entail. And after we’ve made an agreement about the connotation of walking, he answered me with no. So that’s how we define our possibilities, we first identify what the circumstances are and carefully weigh in if it there are possibilities within our realm that answers our question. Using this example, we can evaluate how biases and possibilities work, think of the same question, would you say yes or no?

Since I formulated the question, of course, I have already prepared my own answer which is yes. I can still say that even if a man has no legs and feet for that matter, he can still walk. And I can say this of course because he can always get prosthetics and walk like a normal person. So to those people who answered no, I think impossibility comes from thinking too straight. You need to redefine the things that you know and the things that are possible to everything. I mean if you look around you, the world is full of impossibilities made possible and that’s just a fact of everyday life.

We shouldn’t react to our definition of impossibilities as something to run away from or give up on, we should see things that are impossible and make it possible through our own ways. We should see it as a challenge to make ourselves better and to create new possibilities for ourselves. It should be our stepping stone to bigger and better things, to make us embrace our fears and learn to love the fight for our happiness.

What’s possible and not possible is not determined by what we see, but what we want to do. The only basis of possibilities is whether or not we are willing to make something possible. Circumstances, limits and boundaries are not hindrances to what is possible but our own thinking. So open your mind to literally endless possibilities because it is there, it’s always been there, you just have to look and see.


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