My Must See Movie list part 2

This is the 2nd installment of my must see movie list. The list is in no particular order, i’m trying to make a 5-movie list that you can watch or re-watch if you want to see the movies. Enjoy! 🙂

1. The Matrix (1999)
Director: Wachowski brothers
Writers: Wachowski brothers
Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Joe Pantoliano
My take: I think most of us know and love this movie. To me, there are three reasons why this movie should be in everyone’s must see list, the plot, the characters and the effects. First of all, the idea of the matrix and people being used as source of energy and that we are all just living a simulated reality in our minds is just a mind blowing idea. I don’t even know where to get that idea, so really, hands down on that for the Wachowski brothers. For the characters, well of course, the all time good versus evil character exists but how they play the decisions between acceptance and rejection and their perception of reality is something to think about. And lastly, the slow motion visual effects were at that time, to die for.

2. The Butterfly Effect (2004)
Director: Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber
Writers: Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber
Cast: Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart
My take: I think the use of the butterfly effect on the movie is just great. On how they portray the slightest change in the past having that huge effect on the future. Also, I love the idea that he could never change the past the way he wants to, it shows us that there is no use for regrets in our lives because what happened in the past should be taken as something to learn from and no matter how much you want to change the past, you shouldn’t even try, you should just accept things as it is and move forward with your life. And of course, the ending is good too, because it showed how much he loved her by sacrificing the future of even being with her for her to be alright. It shows us so much on what a person would do for the person you love.

3. The Dark Knight (2008)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan
Cast: I think we are all familiar with the cast of this movie
My take: I saw this twice in the movie house just to watch it again because it actually blew my mind. I think the plot made by Chris Nolan was so dark that you would rethink the structure of society as the way The Joker sees it. It would make you think whether or not chaos is part of the social norm and that anarchy can be tolerated. I think the best things about this movie were the portrayal of The Joker, the underlying idea of the dark knight and how so much good can turn bad. I mean without The Joker, there would be no movie, he brought so much terror that you would be on the edge of your seat trying to think what he would do next. Kudos to the late Heath Ledger for his remarkable performance on this one. Also, the use of the term dark knight as the batman because of the nature of his being as a superhero. And for two face to change the way he did, it would make you rethink whether there is evil in all of us and could good natured people turn into something given the right circumstance. The effects and gadgets are still cool but they become secondary as compared to the intense plot of the movie.

4. My Sassy Girl – Korean (2001)
Director: Kwak Jae-yong
Writers: Kim Ho-sik and Kwak Jae-yong
Cast: Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun
My take: As most people know, I’m not the mushy type when it comes to movies, but this movie was recommended by a friend back in college and since she had a copy, I watched it. and I must say, I did cry when the girl was talking to the guy from the other mountain. Haha. I think this is the first Korean movie I’ve seen and I think this should be a classic. Other than the humor, I think the love story is just touching. To love someone in that state and to find someone who will love you and take care of you without thinking twice is such a romantic idea. Also, the idea that the guy changed for the better while waiting for the girl and that they would still meet in the end, I know it doesn’t happen in real life, or it RARELY does but this movie made me fall in love.

5. Million Dollar Baby (2004)
Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: Paul Haggis
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman
My take: This is one of those movies where you just sit and watch the story happen. You don’t think about what’s going to happen next, you know that the girl will succeed because she has the determination and you know that her trainer will love her as a daughter. But how they did the story telling was amazing because it didn’t become a snooze fest for me. I think it was beautiful how Clint Eastwood tried to protect her all the time but it still ended in tragedy. I guess it just goes to show that you really can’t control life, and that no matter how much you want things to be the way they are, you really have nothing to hold on to, not love, not your career and not your family. I think the ending is tragic but classic, on how she became paralyzed and the way she died. I mean the last scene when he was just eating the lemon pie was so serene despite what happened and I loved that ending.


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