My Must See Movie list part 3

I think this third installment is more about human relations and interactions. The thing about the movies that I like is after I watch it is that I research about the movie and try to find out about the background and try to get the truth out of it. It’s really fascinating to see how movies play out in the real world and you would be amazed on the things that you will find out when you try to think about it more.

1. Waterworld (1995)
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Writer: David Twohy
Cast: Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tina Majorino and Michael Jeter
My take: This movie got so much bad reviews which I don’t get. I remember in grade school and noting every showing of this movie in our HBO guide so that I can watch it every time it was on. To me, this was such a great movie as a kid. And when I got older, I loved it more. I guess the post-apocalyptic scenario for this movie wasn’t as accepted back in 1995 when global warming wasn’t as talked about as it is now. But the whole water world itself is so cool and I guess the run for your life part is good too.

2. The City of God (2002)
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Writer: Paulo Lins, Bráulio Mantovani
Cast: I don’t know if the names of the cast would matter but none of them are really that well-known, but they did a hell of a job depicting the reality of how gang violence exists and thrives in the slums
My take: The first time I saw this movie wasn’t by choice, it was in a film showing for a religion class back in college. But the first time I saw it, I was horrified to think that that kind of violence existed in our current world. Children with guns, people killing each other for no apparent reason and the loss of hope to thrive to be something is such a tragic thing to see. When I researched about the film, it terrified me more that this movie was based on real people and real events. To know that some people are naturally violent and that they can live without regard for life is awful. This is also the movie that made me realize that if you want to keep your integrity, you should never make exceptions, because exceptions becomes a rule.

3. District 9 (2009)
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Writer: Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tachell
Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope and David James
My take: Despite the weird battle scene at the end of the movie, I really think this is still a good movie. It depicts so much of how we see the world and the things we interact with. I think it stresses the point that if someone isn’t like you, you don’t consider them living things. The part where they kill off the eggs of the aliens shows this kind of thinking and most people think it’s ok. Harsh reality of this movie is that it was based on an actual eviction in Africa back in the 60’s between blacks and whites. Where black people were forced to move into another community solely because of their racial background and those who fought the eviction were killed. I think that message should transcend to all of us when we see things around us.

4. Fight Club (1999)
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Writer: Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tachell
Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope and David James
My take: Despite its popularity, I only saw this movie last year but when I did, it blew my mind. It makes you think radically on the way you live your life where being monotonous can lead to something as aggressive as Tyler Durden. I guess, project mayhem is also something to think about, of whether or not people should resort to that kind of means for change to emerge. This is when I started reading Chuck Palahnuik’s work and see how brilliant he portrays the need for social change. And I guess, Brad Pitt was so hot in this movie. Haha!

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Director: Michel Gondry
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Cast: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet
My take: This is one of those movies who make you want to think that there is such a thing as destiny and that you can’t fight it and how much people try so hard to veer away from pain. I mean, Jim Carrey opted brain damage just to forget the harsh reality of a failed relationship only to find himself meeting the same person in almost the same circumstance. That is crazy. But the part where he tried to hold on to the memories despite the urge to erase it was totally romantic. Also, Kate Winslet’s portrayal of being carefree was fun and sentimental at the same time. You can feel the torment and the anguish between the lovers and their fight and flee from their past and present.


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