This is one of the biggest things I hate about humanity. People opening their mouth with statements they don’t even understand. Come on people, you were given the brilliance to examine, research and weigh things into perspective, please educate yourself before you go off ranting off to the world crap you know nothing about.

I woke up today and as usual, I checked my facebook updates, much like I do every morning to check birthdays. And what really caught my attention was this post saying that smokers should bring plastic bags blah blah and they are asking people to support and repost this message. Well, needless to say it got my blood to boil.

First of all, there has already been a smoking ban for public places in Manila. What more do you want?! And as if people who walk along those roads aren’t exposed to bad smoke already, it’s called vehicles people, I highly doubt that the carbon monoxide and fumes from vehicles are as bad as secondhand smoke. If you can stop smoke belching by city buses and jeepneys, the ban may be acceptable, but if you can’t do that, this is pointless.

Second, they did the ban for what? To help citizens not to be exposed to second hand smoke? This is where ignorance really takes a hit. Guys, if you read materials, it will show that most studies are manipulated to get to hype up the point that secondhand smoke is bad. There haven’t been any conclusive studies that prove that second hand smoke has more damaging effects than actually smoking. If you look at scientific data, there is still no hard facts that proves that taking in secondhand smoke causes whatever it is that they are claiming. Some people just like to think things and try to make it true. But thinking that something is true, doesn’t make it true? Alright?

I’m not saying smoking is good. But how is smoking more evil than caffeine, or pornography as addictions? Yes, you can say that it affects the environment that we live in terms of smoke, but so does diapers and so many other things people use for their convenience. Why is smoking so much more into the limelight than pharmaceutical companies dumping toxic drugs in less developed countries? How can that be not more into an issue? Or that Catholic priests abuse children? Or that our media portrays so much idiocracy that makes people dumber than they already are? How is that kind of pollution not more significant that secondhand smoke? Is smoking really that evil that we have to completely eliminate it?

I guess people would like to point fingers, they like to tackle issues that they can really pin down, despite the fact that it could be irrelevant to society. But come on people, don’t attack things you know nothing about. Don’t let ignorance push you into something that you don’t understand, the mere consensus of people does not make INKLINGS THE TRUTH. If you look back in history, a lot of people died because of this, the majority believing in something and imposing it to be real. Be responsible enough to realize that there are a lot of fucked up ideas in the world and it is your responsibility to filter the things you need to know.


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