Risks and Rewards

As we all know, our life is the product of all the decisions we’ve made in our past. And what lies ahead is another series of decisions where we choose one thing over the other, and that is why it is so important to think about the risk and rewards of the things that we do in life. It’s not really so much of defining our life or determining what we really want but a lot of the times, we are faced with the choice of selecting one thing over the other. And the scale in which we gage our choices is based on the risks and the rewards that entail each choice.

I think I’ve already made a full discussion with the idea of risks but i guess the thing we need to understand now is how it is related to rewards. People always say, without risks there would be no rewards, which I guess is always true. This idea is also much more emphasized with the notion that the higher the risks, the higher the rewards. I think the rewards are not necessarily the good in which all decisions become, but rather the consequences of our actions. It’s the result, whether direct or indirect of the things that we do.

Life is really full of choices, and to me, the choices you can make are limitless, it all depends on how you narrow down your selection based on your preferences. I know choosing between two or three good things is an extremely difficult task. They always say you need to count the pros and cons between choices but it’s not really easy to merit the pros and cons of things because we if we put things into perspective, each merit may have a bigger weight over something else. And writing pros and cons isn’t really as easy as writing it down because most people are drawn to their gut feel which really can’t be written down.

I think one of the things that could help you weigh things down is to know what you want or at least what direction you want to go. Think close and hard with what you want in the near future or how you see yourself eventually. We are who we choose to be. So how we perceive ourselves is extremely important on how things will turn up. But the difficulty with this is that knowing what you want is the easiest thing to do, even with age or experience. There are a lot of times when we feel lost, when we feel like we’re just floating from one choice to another and we coast until we get tired. There are times when we thought that we already know what we want, but when given another kind of opportunity, everything kind of flips out and we are left with a decision we have no idea how to make. There are also times when it’s a choice between difficult passion and convenience and it really messes with your head.

So if you really can’t pin down the thing that you, the logical choice to make is to choose the option that you could live with. Make the choice where the consequences will not make you regret what you did. Choose the one where you feel like you’re not being held back or that you’re just settling.

I think the most important thing in risks and rewards is to realize that you need to make a choice. You really can’t have it all. You can’t choose to play all your cards at the same time, even if you have a good hand. Don’t frustrate yourself in trying to want everything all at the same time because you might end up having nothing or even losing yourself in the process. And yes, there is such a thing as the best of both worlds but even that still involves making a conscious decision.

Our choices depend on what we are willing to sacrifice for one thing for the sake of something else. It matters how you see yourself and what you want to achieve. It involves acknowledging your wants and facing your fears. It’s taking the risks despite everything else. It’s not caring about the other options because you understand where you need to go. It’s choosing between what risks you want to take and what rewards to want to reap. Because in the end, it’s just about balancing everything out.


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