The End and The New Beginnings

It’s really hard to start your life all over again, and it doesn’t matter that you know that’s it’s just a fact of life, it’s not even comforting that you know that the people you are separating yourself from feels the same way, and the moment that the fact that you need to leave a part of your life behind still cuts like a knife. And no matter how hard you tell yourself it’s going to be ok, you know, somehow, you’ll never be the same.

It all starts with a new beginning. Sometimes beginnings are good and some of them are not so great. I mean it’s good when you’re leaving something you want to forget, when you want to break away and grow apart from an awful experience. But when you have to move away from something that gives you a reason to get up and smile every morning, you will find it so hard to remove yourself from it that it will actually break your heart.

We see our lives right now and it makes us smile to see the people in our lives and cherish the moments that you share, and it sucks that you know that all these things will eventually come into an end. And when we know that time is coming, it breaks our heart to accept the fact that things can’t stay that way. We question why we need to grow up, we ask why things can’t stay the same, we feel the sadness in breaking away. It somehow feels like a part of you is being taken from you, like a piece of your life is shutting down and closing and you won’t be able to see it again or remember how it makes you feel. It’s like leaving a part of yourself behind and you have to realize a part of yourself you don’t know.

As they say, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. It’s turning over a new leaf, it’s starting to write a new chapter which should always be a good thing. But there are some beginnings we don’t want to start, because we refuse for some things to end. So we try to make things stay the way they are, but no matter how much we want to hold on to what we have right now, it’ll only frustrate us in the end. At some point, we have to realize that we have to grow up and it’s up to us how we would handle that. Time will pass and life will go on, and we should get with the times, somehow, someway, we have to get a hold of ourselves and let ourselves be moved along so that we could enjoy our life as it is.

Yes, it’s always comforting to stay with the familiar but one can never grow if they never step out of their boundaries. Change is always necessary for growth and wanting to cling with the familiar will not help that. We have to embrace the fact that we have to move forward with our lives and not desperately cling on to the comfort of what we already know.

It’s life’s cycle, one thing ends and another begins. I know it’s not that easy to leave behind the things that we love but maybe what we should think about are the reasons why we want to hold on. It’s not so much that things should stay the way they are, what we should focus on is what we can take away from the experience itself. Why do we love what we love and preserve that. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting, it’s just taking a new step. It doesn’t mean that you’re leaving that part of your life, it just means you adding things up. I mean, people come and go all the time, and it’s not really that they should always hang around, but what’s important is what they leave behind and how they made you feel. It’s the memories that you’ve shared that’s important and that will help keep you after you’ve ventured out of your circle of comfort. That will be the fuel you take to start your new beginnings, and what’s great about it is that no matter how bad things may get, you always know that you can look back on something in your past and know that there will always be something wonderful and it can always make you smile.


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