Weird Observations – About guys

1. Why do they like smelling nasty things and make you smell them? I mean they already know that it smells bad, but they will still smell it. Is it really satisfying to smell things like worn socks or dirty toe nails? Are they checking if it really stinks or do they just like the smell? Worse part of it, they will make you smell it too. Note, if you think it smells bad, it probably smells bad, there’s no point of confirming it.

2. Guys who call their guy best friend as my “guy best friend”. I don’t know why they just can’t refer to these people as close friends. I thought the normal term for guy friends are just close friends, why do they have to explicitly say over and over again that these guys are their BEST FRIENDS? They are just your friends, it makes you seem gay when you say it repetitively.

3. Guys who are extremely concerned about fashion. These are not the guys who at least care about what they look like. These guys are the ones who can tell you exactly what they wore on what event and why they wore it. Shouldn’t there be a line with people like this? Guys, in general, women don’t care what you wear as long as you look clean, they are more concerned about what other women are wearing than yours. And needless to say, other guys don’t give much of a crap about it either.

4. Guys who say IKR (I know right?!). There are so many ways to agree with somebody, this shouldn’t be one of them. Guys, it’s not even cool when girls say it, so please note, it’s not good.

5. Guys who have no idea what Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are. I don’t know what planet these guys come from but really? Not unless you’ve been living in a hole for the last 100 years, and don’t have access to any kind of material like TVs or newspapers can you make that exception. But if you’ve been living with the technology and you don’t know Yoda, it’s definitely weird.


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