Weird Observations – Fashion

1. Wearing shades indoors. Are your eyes really that sensitive? Are the dim lights inside restaurants damaging your sight? Are the flashing lights in bars too much for you to handle? What’s up with wearing shades when you’re not outside? It’s like wearing clothes while taking a bath, it’s stupid and unnecessary.

2. Wearing glasses without frames. When did the functionality of glasses become the frames and not the lenses? All this time I thought glasses were for people who couldn’t see well, not for people who couldn’t think right. Guys, it doesn’t make you look cool or smart, it makes you look idiotic.

3. Wearing leather boots. Really? Leather boots in Manila, I can’t even imagine how hot that can be. I was standing behind this girl in the cinema once wearing boots almost up to her knees complaining it was hot, I wanted to slap her and tell her she’s in a tropical country to stop her from throwing a tantrum. Seriously, it’s hot enough wearing flip flops, please stop wearing boots.

4. Wearing cocktail dresses in malls. Do you really have to that well-dressed while window shopping? The shimmer in the dress is more attractive than the glitters inside the stores. Don’t you have any pairs of jeans and shirts to wear? It doesn’t even seem like fashion sense and it’s hard not to look at you because the light hits you and you reflect it. I think someone needs to tell you that you don’t look nice wearing that in a mall, it makes you look out of place.

5. Wearing socks with sandals. Is this fashion sense or comfort because it’s illogical for either. I’ve never thought wearing socks with birkenstocks as fashionable. It’s like you are wearing clothes but we can still see your underwear. It can’t be for comfort either because let’s face it, how big of a difference does it really make wearing sandals with socks and wearing shoes with socks. Guys, it doesn’t look hip, it looks sad. Sad for the sock to be exposed like that and the person who needs to wash those darn socks.

6. See-through clothes. This to me tops it all. What’s the point of wearing see-through whatever clothes if we can see what you’re wearing inside?! Or wearing net clothes like stockings so you won’t feel cold? I thought the whole point of wearing clothes was to cover yourself up or protect yourself from the weather? When did fashion ever precede the need for actual clothes, because I never got the memo.


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