Random Thoughts – Facebook Mentality

I’ve been a Facebook addict since I’ve stopped using Friendster, I didn’t even want to start it since I thought Friendster and Facebook were the same banana, but since Friendster was becoming obsolete, I created an account.

Facebook has definitely changed the way people interact, it helps you look for people you thought you could never talk to again and share your life with people who are so far away. I would like to think that this social revolution is mostly good but now, it’s really becoming a nuisance.

Viral wallposts, notes and pictures. I think this summarizes most of the stupid things we see on facebook. Please stop reposting crap on the internet. As said over and over again, JUST BECAUSE IT’S ON FACEBOOK DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE. I don’t think any of us are unfamiliar with the idea of the world wide web and that anyone can post anything, EVEN FALSE INFORMATION online. Hell, you can even make a website labeled as facts and none of it can be true. So why the hell do we believe this crap on facebook?

You do it because you care. Reposting health, warnings, and other BS on facebook because you care. In all honesty, you are not helping anybody by reposting what you think might help them. You are actually spreading false truths that make people dumber than they already are. Most people just read things and not even evaluate what they read. For example, this new viral shit regarding melting contact lenses. Did you seriously fall for this? You don’t even have to research for this one for you to realize this is crap. Do you really think people who made contact lenses are that stupid? And that no tests were made to check if contact lenses melt in different temperatures before they were sold worldwide? Is it really that hard to take 2minutes to think about that before you post this online?

You are trying to spread awareness. As a friend of mine ranted, spreading awareness in facebook can only go so far. If you really care, you would get your butt out of your chair and actually do something. Stop clicking and starting doing. Haven’t you realize that most effective advocates only maintain their facebook accounts to post events or posters and that’s it. They have no time to post and repost crap on the internet.

You do it just in case it’s true. This is one of the dumbest excuses of all time. Makes me think of some other bullshit that’s been going around for centuries. Guys, spreading false information online is not something to be passive about. The internet is already filled up with so much crap that you want to add up to it? Are you really that irresponsible for the things you share with the people who are supposed to be your friends?

RESEARCH. Google is just a tab away from being clicked. How hard is it to research before you repost something? Just make sure your source is credible and not the same crap you see online. Sometimes, you don’t have to even research, you just have to take a minute and THINK. Remember, think before you click. Everything follows logic, if it doesn’t seem logical, then some of it might be bogus. How hard can those two things be?

People who have nothing to do are laughing their asses off to people who believe their crap. Do you really want to be the victim?


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