Weird Observations – Profile Pictures

1. “Candid” self – portraits. Guys, we can see the hand extension and the effort in your face to look candid. IT DOESN’T LOOK CANDID. When did looking at the camera and just smiling not enough? Why do you have to try to fool everybody that you look good with a stolen shot that’s not really stolen? Note, it doesn’t make it less vain if you make it candid, on the contrary, it makes you seem more self-obsessed because we know how many tries it took you to get that “candid” photo.

2. Pictures in washrooms. There are only two major things you can and should do in washrooms, number 1 and number 2, taking pictures shouldn’t be one of them. Of course washing your hands and checking yourself is a given but to pose in front of the mirror and take a gazillion pictures is just crazy. You took pictures for everyone to see that you’re in a washroom, fine, you look nice but we can see the tiles and sometimes even the toilet which really doesn’t seem all that cool.

3. Pictures of taking your own pictures. Yes, we get it, you own a DSLR, and it looks expensive too. You look like a professional photographer, just put the vest on. You know what, people buy SLRs to take pictures of everything, like the people around them, nature, traffic, the dogs on the street, but taking a picture of yourself of taking the picture shouldn’t be one of them. I mean, put it to good use, your camera deserves more than that.

4. Gadgets. FYI, your iPhone looks like every other iPhone, I bet it has the same features too. I think most of us have seen an iPhone and in truth, it confuses the hell out of us who you are because your picture isn’t of a person but of a gadget. Yeah, fine, you can afford to buy silicon valley, so what? You don’t need to show it off, we all know that you’re trying so hard so that we’ll envy it. Don’t worry, we’ll try not to drool over the iPad you bought to you can go on FB on it which you can also do on your computer.

5. Jumping heart shots. When did this become a fad? I don’t even get the point, to jump next to somebody trying to put up a heart while jumping. What’s up with this? I really don’t get it. And the effort people put into this is just frustrating so just don’t do it, personally, I don’t appreciate seeing this. Just do a jump shot or a heart shot, alright? That’s already enough.


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