Weird Observations – Music

1. Music videos are all about sex. Put some freaking clothes on! Why do you have to wear almost nothing in a music video? It’s not even just rap, it’s almost everything. People in lingerie running around singing, what’s the point in that.? Will your legs or your breasts sell the record? Is our culture that sex-deprived or we’re just used to it? To this all I can say it, stop selling yourself, sell the music.

2. People are more focused on the artist that the art. People going crazy over artists, I mean stalker crazy. When did the artist become more important than the art? You can hear people liking a band because they’re cute, and that’s it. They don’t even understand the genre of music the band is playing. I think Jared Leto said it best when he said they are just the messengers, artists are supposed to be the medium for the collective thoughts of the people so stop glorifying them that way. It’s getting ridiculous.

3. You forget what music is really about. Some of the lyrics now are just plain, literally plain. Just as long as you can sell the record, it’s fine. You don’t see the soul and the beauty in the music anymore. You forgot that music is supposed to move you, that’s why it’s called art. It’s supposed to make you smile or make you cry. To me, any song that doesn’t take you to another place isn’t music, it’s just noise.

4. People singing who have no business in singing. Let’s face it, Rebecca Black got viral for being ridiculous not because she’s talented. Where is the music in that? This is definitely applicable in a Philippine setting. People don’t need any kind of singing talent whatsoever to get a hold of a record deal. All you need is your face stamped on the cover and you can sell it like hotcakes.


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