Random Thoughts – Thoughts versus Actions

What defines us? This has been one of the big questions that have always fascinated me. I think a lot of us have a different point of view regarding this one, but for me, there are only things that I consider valid with the idea of identity, and that is out thoughts and actions.

Our thoughts are mainly the things inside our head. I think this can be used to identify us because it is extremely personal to each individual. To me, this is the immediate idea that comes to our head when triggered by something. Like what we think when a friend asks us a direct question, or what our opinion is on a controversial matter. This is not necessarily the things that we say but these are the things that we think and know is true. It’s the preference that we actually are, not the things that we make people see. It’s the song in our heads that we sing to all the time not the music choice we pick as our image. In a sense I think we can be our thoughts because they are pure and cannot be tampered with. We can’t undo thinking about something or distort our initial point of view and I think that reveals a person’s true nature.

On the other hand, our actions are the things that we do which directly relates to how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others. This is influenced by our thoughts but not necessarily what we are thinking. This is something that goes out into the world for other people to see and interpret. This is what we do and how we react to the world around us. It’s when we think something is bad for us but we still do it anyway or when we do something that is considered the right thing to do even when it is against our opinion. And since our thoughts and actions are sometimes not on the same page, it shows that our actions are filtered. We can always pick and choose the things that we do which sometimes isn’t necessarily who we are. Our actions may or may not reflect our true intentions but despite the fact that we can screen through all our actions with a sieve before it goes out in public, these are the things that make an impact. These are the things that are directly related and identified with us and that obviously implies our identity.

So what is it that really defines us? A lot of people say thoughts are meaningless without actions and that is true. Our ideas are just ideas inside our head which we can choose not to share with the world unlike our actions which exhibits tangible ideas and have consequences. But still, our actions are controlled because we can select the things that we think are appropriate. And in times when we have no time to sift through our actions, we lose the sense of control in our actions and we become our thoughts.

So are we our thoughts or our actions? We can choose what we do but can’t filter what we think. We can say and do things that are perceived as good but that may not be our true nature. We can think great ideas and dream of the best things in life but without our actions these things will never be anything.

Up until today, I still don’t fully understand which one we are. Are we the thoughts that exists only in our heads but are unaltered or are we the actions that are filtered but are the things that have an impact on our world? Or are we even one or the other or we can be both? I don’t even know if I will find the answer I’m looking for, or worse, if this question has any relevance to life at all but somehow, i think when you ask yourself this question and find the answer, you get this feeling of relief and you’d be able to better move forward.


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