Opinions – RH bill

Why is it that it has been 10 years since the RH Bill but the Congress have failed to vote on it until now? What is it with the delay? What’s taking so long? Why is it that they fail to recognize the urgency of this country’s need for this bill? Are there more important matters in the Philippines than poverty, overpopulation, death and low literacy? Is changing street names really more important than the problems I’ve mentioned? Or Hayden Kho’s sex scandal really more attention worthy than this bill that the whole country had an opinion on what to do with that than the deaths of many Filipino mothers everyday over this?

Obviously I am for RH bill, and my question for those who are opposed on it is why not? As far as I’ve read in the news or whatever media, here are the arguments against RH bill.

1. It is blasphemous. Well first of all, this has nothing to do with religion and belief. Trying to avoid deaths and keeping the population under control has nothing to do with God. Our government was established to preserve and fight for the rights of the people, and that includes the rights under this bill. The bill includes the right to family planning and to health care related to it. So why does that have to be against anybody’s religion?

2. The bill considers abortion. I have scanned through a copy of the bill and it does not include anything about abortion. Do not read between the lines, the law is straight forward and explicitly enumerates the rights that we should have and it has nothing to do with your messed up interpretations. Well they would say the idea of using contraceptives is the equivalent of abortion, but how could that be? Isn’t contraception one of the things we could use to actually avoid abortions?

3. The bill treats the masses like they are idiots. Some people would stress that since we provide contraceptives and the appropriate knowledge on family planning to people that we assume they know nothing and cannot attain this information. I don’t know why this is an issue because the bill has nothing to do with this. Even I who’s a university graduate, who’s got access to internet and a gazillion books don’t know all my options when it comes to birth control. So why should it be that families who want the help of an expert to give them advice to control their family wrong?

4. This is for the benefit of pharma companies selling contraceptives. So this is just about consumerism? Really? The amount of money to be spent in contraceptives is not a significant amount compared to the money we need to raise all the accidental births in the Philippines. The funds needed to establish housing and schooling for all these kids, not to mention the employment they would need afterwards are more relevant matters than just buying the damn things.

It’s been 10 years and we still don’t have our answer. Why is it that we can’t take a stand? Why is it that we can’t push this enough? Doesn’t it matter? Don’t you think it could solve some problems? I’m not saying that it could solve everything but it’s a start. We can’t complain that our streets are swarming with uneducated people with no food and no idea what to do if we also fail to act on our part which is to push our democratic rights. I really hope more people care about things like this to speak or even do something about it. Our progress is dependent on our capability to know our rights and fight for them.


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