Opinions – EDSA

I think most of us have read the news about House Bill 5422 or the EDSA to be renamed Cory Aquino Avenue.  While I have nothing against late president Aquino’s credibility or accomplishments, I am actually an admirer with the fact that she was nominated for a Nobel Prize but come on, how is this relevant?  Why couldn’t you have just sent her flowers when she was still alive so that she knew she meant something to you?  With the current catastrophe with former president Arroyo and the occupy for RH issue, have we got nothing better to do than change the freaking name of EDSA.

EDSA would still be congested even if you change its name! Would there be any relevance to this matter that would alleviate poverty, or increase employment in the country? None! So why the hell are we wasting precious time with this?  Have they gone bored with ignoring the important matters in this country?

I think everybody knows that these lawmakers are missing the mark completely.  I think most logical people agree that these people are idiots who have nothing better to do than find something to make them visible, something to make them seem that they actually care when they don’t, something that would make them seem like they are doing something when they are actually just sitting around trying to look busy.

I believe that our government has turned into a showbiz entertainment bit above all else.  Politicians do more politicking than actual governance.  They become show people who want to broadcast the meaningless things they do.  But these are our leaders, whether we like it or not, we as the Filipino people have produced meaningless leaders from our own culture and our own community.  If they suck, we suck because if we are so damn good as a nation, why is it that can’t product honest, hard working and critical politicians who are more concerned with the public’s welfare than power.  These people feel the need to show off because they know they will get at least the attention of the masses and to some degree that is beneficial to their stature.

I think this is a fair representation of the Philippines today.  A seemingly superficial nation with leaders who provide entertainment and a public just enjoying the show.  When will we ever become a nation who actually cares and who will actually do something important and relevant.


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