Weird Observations – Vampires

I think with all the hyped up attention in the entertainment industry ,we’ve suffered the true nature of vampires and I don’t get it. I’ve never been a big fan of vampires because I think they are boring, since they live forever, but the Anne Rice vampires are fine. But now, being vampire isn’t what it was all cracked up to be. Here are a couple of things that contemporary vampires have that I find weird.

1. Why the hell are they eating real food? Aren’t these things supposed to bedead? Their hearts stop beating when they turned into the undead. They have no need to eat because they have a steady blood only diet. They are supposed to be walking talking smart zombies that drink blood. That’s it, eating smores and drinking alcohol is not part of the menu.

2. Why are they allowed in daylight? For the love of literature, stop finding ways to let these things go out in the sun. They are not supposed to! They used to be called creatures of the night for a reason, leave them wandering off into the sun and going to school! The vampire legends are related to vampire bats who drink blood from cows and these bats hunt during the night, let them stay behind the dark.

3. Why are they mating with humans? I mean falling in love with a human probably is one of the things that could happen, but how in the world can they produce off springs? They don’t even sweat, how the hell can they ever produce fluids that pops out a half mortal, half dead being that’s conveniently in between both worlds.

4. Why have they changed priorities? For crying out loud, vampires are supposed to be bored creatures looking for someone to share eternity with. Yes, there are occasional Van Helsing type of guy out to get them but that’s it, no more. Dracula didn’t go around looking in high school classrooms for a mate, he wandered off looking for victims in homes. These things are supposed to be old school, FYI, they have been around for so long, they do not change into teenagers when they hit 300 years old.


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