Random Thoughts – Backstabbers

Backstabbers. We’ve all met these people, as friends, as colleagues, or just acquaintances. We try to avoid them, but we can never seem to. They always pop up in some weird and frustrating situation that aggravates us and they make us lose focus.

We can no longer even count the ways these people have misused our sense of trust. We can’t even understand why they would go behind our backs for the simplest things, but they do. They always do. Whether it’s withholding important information on your current job, or making underground deals to make a couple of bucks, or cheating on you with your current boyfriend, these people obviously have serious issues with you and what you have.

A lot of people account this behavior to insecurities, and I think they are right. I mean what person in the right mind would waste all of their time plotting against everybody. Or someone who takes pleasure in bringing people down to get themselves higher? Does a high paying job really matter that much? Does money really outweigh respect in the long run? Does being in a relationship with a cheating guy compensate friendships? Are these people really that short sighted that they think they are getting ahead by accomplishing these little silly things?

I think it’s in their system. It’s in their blood; maybe backstabber is a new species of humans that extremely manifests the selfish gene. And that one of their new evolved traits doesn’t include fighting fair, loyalty and honesty. They may have also developed an extremely hard exoskeleton that can fight against decency and can withstand shame.

I can’t imagine what it takes to be a backstabber. It’s so time consuming and too elaborate that I may forget what I’m doing in the first place. How do these people find time to do these things? Because between work, friends and relationships, I can’t seem to find the time to go around planning to screw people, spreading rumors and making fake friendships. How do they define the lies from the truth with all the crap that they say? And how in the world do they live their own lives if their lives revolve around other people?

I guess fighting fair is beyond their powers, or worse, beyond their comprehension. They don’t understand what it means to just tell the truth or say it to your face. I mean what’s the harm of casually telling you that they know something but hold out on the information. Or secretly fighting against you without giving you notice. I think they may also need to get a life, because with the amount of time these people waste on lying, cheating, gossiping and planning against other people, where do they find the time for themselves?

The only advice I can tell backstabbers is I hope it’s worth it. With everything that you put into backstabbing, I really really hope you get what you want for what you paid for. Because no amount of getting ahead in life can be exchanged for getting a life of your own and the respect of others.

And to the people who’ve been stabbed senselessly in the back, there is no point in lingering with the idea and the person. As Nietzsche most famously said, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. You can’t rid your world of backstabbers, but what you can do is to make sure you done fall down the same rabbit hole. So next time you meet a backstabber trying to undermine you, all you have to say is, “I’m sorry, but did my back hurt your knife?”, nothing will frustrate them more.


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