Random Thoughts – Privacy and Celebrities

I don’t like watching TV, at least local TV because our cable ALWAYS includes showbiz news. We have showbiz news, not even bits, BUT NEWS, as in they are continually updated daily on who’s with who, and who’s doing what every weekend. And it’s not even enough that we have one show that discusses all of these, our daily news, that’s supposed to air for significant matters includes showbiz and I am so tired of seeing high paid celebrities get tan and fight with each other to get more money.

But despite my irritation and constant shrugging of this matter, it continually creeps into my daily life. I hear about it every day even if I try to avoid it. So for now, I want to voice out my concern on these spoiled fucking celebrities and their so called private lives because I’m sick and tired of them crying about lack of privacy and people invading their lives.

For one, you people are getting paid thousands for doing what you do. I mean rocket scientists don’t get paid as much and they contribute to the progress of the human race! What do you do? You act on TV or in the big screen? And maybe, they may change a life or two, but I think the people spending time in labs trying to get the cure for cancer should get more credit, but unfortunately, celebrities telling people that they lost weight costs more.

Next, you are paid not to be just an artist, but also to be public figures, and that includes everything you do. Companies pay you to live publicly because that’s how they make money from endorsements. Has it ever occurred to you that you get paid to go to clubs because more people go to clubs that you’ve been in or that you get paid to wear clothes because people will buy the clothes you are wearing? People book you in shows because people know you, because they want to hear what you’re doing. That’s how it works, and if you don’t understand that, maybe you shouldn’t get advertisements in the first place.

And lastly, why did you want to become famous in the first place? I thought the people who want to be famous wants to get talked about. And too bad, the media will never show just the good side of you, because even saints have their side of scrutiny. I mean, you can’t want to be famous and be ignored, because if that’s the goal, what the hell did you sign up for? If you want to get recognized, you will be, but not just for the good things you do. So if you don’t want a front page in a local tabloid from your crazy night out without your top on, DON’T DO IT! Stay at home and watch the TV shows you love doing so much.

FYI, YOU ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT. What you do matters. Not just the shows you are in or the movies you do, and not even the fucked up records you make, BUT YOU AS A PERSON provides entertainment. And if you didn’t realize that before you went into that business, you didn’t really think about what you’re doing. So if you want a normal life with people not bugging you, get a normal job like everybody else. But with the current state of some celebs, I think it’s best that you don’t quit, you may not be good at anything else other than living under a spotlight.


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