Random Thoughts – Out of Focus

We all have dreams, whether it’s as big as world peace or as small as losing two pounds, the urge we feel in the time we made that dream in our minds makes us want to push ourselves hard to get there. But the urge is never as strong as it is the first time, and most of the time, we tend to lose our focus towards those dreams.

It’s been more than two months (I think, and I’m not even sure) since the last time I wrote. And it wasn’t because I no longer wanted to become a writer or that I had nothing more to say. It’s not even that I’ve given up the dream of becoming a writer; it’s just that I got tired and lost focus.

We all get that sometimes, the slack. When we see our dreams from a great distance, too far from our reach and our lives get too comfortable. When we become too busy and happy with our day to day uneventful lives become stationary. It happens; it happens to all of us. It’s nothing depressing and nothing special; everybody makes a hiatus once in a while. I mean our life is not a series of musicals, in actuality; our lives are just routine events with a couple of exciting happenings in between.

So we live our routine lives and put our dreams in a box, but the funny thing about it is that no matter how long we live normally, the dreams that once fired us up will always resurface. It’s like an exciting succession of boredom and ecstasy, when after some stagnant years of just living the plain lives; we feel a sudden jolt of electricity that sparks us up to realize our old far-fetched dreams. It happens in unexpected bursts alongside our daily routines. Like a song you hear on the radio on the way to work that makes you remember how much you wanted to be a song writer, or the children you see on the street that once made you want to pursue social working. There is always some small thing that wakes us up from the slumber of the comfort of contented life and reminds us that we had a dream and maybe it’s about time to work on it again.

Our dreams live as we as do, they start fast then go into overdrive then slows calmly into steady, but it never comes to a complete stop. It pauses but never really dies down. They never seem to leave us no matter where we are in our lives. And our dreams now, at least the ones that we feel so strongly about, the one that makes us think we are better than we ever could be, will always stay with us, and will always want to be realized.

I’m sure there a lot of new year’s resolutions and must lists are forgotten by now, and it’s not even the a quarter of a year. But some items on that list will be on the next year’s list for sure, like skydiving, visiting Angkor Wat or creating a song. It may have even be an over spill from the 2000 must do list but it never really disappeared. These things that keep coming up will always come up and will never cease. And they shouldn’t, because life is far too boring if we don’t let these things go up and down with our lives.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, it started when I was in high school when I entered the school newspaper. It took a long break when I lost the drafts of all my work in college. And after a few years, it got back when I started my blog. The dream never really ceases, it continues whether or not you live with it and by it. And the rebirth of new will the bringing of new hope helps these dreams get better and become bigger. The dream is always there, your focus must just be off. So don’t worry about losing focus, it happens to all of us. The important thing is you know what your dream is, because that is what’s important.


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