No Outrage

Why is it that when any celebrity makes any comment on anything, we cry outrage to the media? It’s like everything I go online, there’s some trending issue about a comment and a group of people asking for an apology. Protesting celebs should be more sensitive on their comments to other people or that they should open their minds towards others. But isn’t bashing these celebs really just the same thing as a celeb making an inappropriate comment?

I am guilty of doing this from time to time when there’s an issue that really bugs me. But I think we have to put this into perspective. For this, I would like to appeal to the freethinking community. We patronize ourselves or at least are proud on saying that we are rational open minded people but why can’t we argue that Catholics will never agree with all our thoughts. That if we use our rationality we will obviously draw the conclusion that some Catholics will be opposed to RH bill and LGBTs because it is in their belief system. And because of that background, they will never share or accept anything if it’s not based on their religion. Do we really think Catholics would follow anything else other than the bible? I know to us that may sound condescending because we expect more from people but why do we expect apple trees to bear oranges? We cannot change these people by simple criticizing their points of view and making them apologize, it’s simply not ideal.

I’m not saying I agree with their beliefs and that some of their opinions are not impeding our country’s progress and even indirectly kill people. What I’m trying to stress out is that you can’t change these people by simply bashing them on what they say. We should focus on people’s opinions that actually matter. I think we can be outraged with Pacquaio’s comment because he is a lawmaker but with Miriam Quiambao, who cares? Does anybody take her politically serious? It’s not like she will sway all freethinkers into thinking that LGBTs are not equal. Most people who will agree with her probably already have that same opinion hence no actual impact will be made. I mean are there really any free thinkers listening to Miriam Quiambao saying, she’s right, I’ve got to change my opinion. None.

I think our constant battle with the media makes us seem as the boy who cried wolf. This actually makes people ignore our actual causes. The easier we blow up every small thing anybody says makes it even easier for normal people to not take us seriously. We should be able to focus our energies in things that actually creates change, not just another media blur.

My last beef with this issue is not all minorities are freethinkers and not all freethinkers are part of the minority. I am proud to say that I consider myself as a freethinker but freethinkers do not equal minority. I know a lot of gay people who are extremely against atheism or extremely religious people who are not against gay people. I know a lot of freethinkers who refuse to be labeled because they do not want the association. This is because sometimes relating yourself with a group is restrictive; it actually creates a barrier to freedom. So I would just like to ask, do not preach your cause using the name freethinker because it actually negates its meaning.

I know asking people to calm the fuck down will be a stretch because we like talking about any issue in social networks. It makes us feel important and makes us feel involved. We become this sort of social police calling out those who go out of line, but is it really that productive or is this just another practice of self-importance? Being involved is more than just typing a few words and clicking a button. It requires commitment and to stand up and fight. I mean, a tweet is just a tweet, it’s not a cause.


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