Site under construction

Due to work, travel and basically just plain laziness, my blog has been stagnant for months. I tried reviving it my I’m currently brain dead, work and planning trips have consumed all my time that writing has become a last priority. But still, I didn’t want to lose sight of my site. ๐Ÿ˜€ So now, this site is under construction and I’m up to my eyeballs in trying to understand how to structure it.

I’m planning not only to fill this blog with my random rants but to also post travel itineraries and tips to my fellow backpackers. But i’ve learning that this restructure is not as easy as I thought.

Lesson #1: a posts and pages are 2 different things. pages are static and posts can only be posted on your homepage – and that’s what categories are for!

Lesson#2: structure is hard to find when you are all over the place. i have no idea what pages to write or what kind of blog this is anymore. so i’m holding a candle in the dark hoping that the sunrise will come soon on how i should section my blog.

Lesson #3: It’s not easy to write a year worth of your life. I am now extremely thankful that there are people out there who blogged what they did so I can use that information.

I’m not sure how long this reconstruction would last, but I’m hoping I’d have enough patience to push through with than completely abandon my blog. I’m also hoping I don’t run out of ideas on how to do this. So if anyone can offer me a life raft, PLEASE DO:)


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