Blog Revival

It has been a while since I’ve noted about the blog’s reconstruction, and due to my slight affliction of OCD, I’m still not able to make my blog up and running. To add to that, it’s been an EXTREMELY long while since my last decent post, but I’m happy to see that there is still a little bit of traffic on this blog.
So in order to address the little traffic on my blog, I think it’s about time that I revive this blog properly.

And in the spirit of that, I’m starting a new segment called, “How to be Interesting”. In addition, I’ll be committing to post a new entry every week. Although I’m still not sure on how to go about the entries, I’ll be uploading a more comprehensive set of posts that deals with movies, books, food, travel, events and just my random thoughts. Hope this makes somebody excited. 

I hope this would be a fresh new start on something that I truly like doing, and I do hope everybody else who reads it enjoys it.

So as a preview, this is a sneak peak on my new segment.

How to be interesting
In order to become pretty much anything, one has to become interesting. For example, a blogger has to be interesting, or else who would want to read their blog. They have to be either full of wisdom or at least just fun. Their words must speak to a lot of people and convey colors and music that only they can express. They have to write with heart and soul that can move emotions to any which way they please. Tall order for anyone who can type but it can easily be done with the right conviction and attitude.

So how does someone become interesting? Is it innate or do you have to earn it? Do you have to tweak it once in a while so you can remain interesting? All these questions can all be answered with some simple guidelines and considerations.

Part 1 – Self Image
As batman said in his reboot movie, it is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. Which makes a lot of sense, nobody can read your thoughts, it’s all on how you present yourself if you will ooze with charm and mystery. It’s up to you to intrigue other people so that they will get excited on what you do and where you are. It all depends on how you catch people’s attention so that they will stay glued to your every move. But how do you present yourself in an interesting manner, especially in a time when social media is rampant?


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