The Heartbreak Movie List

Due to recent events and current observations from people, I think this is a time to post my heart break watchlist. Like most things in life, we go through the stages of grief during a heartbreak. And it really doesn’t matter what you lose, it could be a relationship, a loved one, a job opportunity, a friendship, name it and someone probably has their heart broken by it. And when you get that feeling that you are all alone with no one to talk to and in your room feeling so small, the best thing to do is to probably watch a movie so you can express yourself. I think watching a movie can definitely change your mood, maybe for the good or the bad, but at least when there’s a change in your mood, you’ll realize that things can and will change eventually, so you better help yourself move on.

 But while you are sulking in the ripped up pieces of your bashed smashed and broken heart, here is the movie list I recommend you to see (in one sitting 😀 ).

 1st stage – Denial – My Sassy Girl (Korean)

Definitely the first part of any heart break is trying to feel like you’re not affected at all. You keep telling yourself that things are all good and that things always happen for a reason. That’s why I think this is the perfect movie to channel this kind of reaction. My Sassy Girl is a funny love story of two people who were “destined” to be together. It’s a very cute in a sense that it seems both realistic and dreamy at the same time. You feel the sparkle element and the gritty element and it creates the illusion in your head that things will get better despite all the crappy stuff in between. It gives you that sense of hope that you want to see where you feel like everything is alright, or that everything will be alright in the future. This movie firmly attests to the idea that if things are not the way you them to be now, then it means you still have something to do to get to the end.

 2nd stage – Anger –  Inglourious Basterds

After watching a cheesy movie that makes you feel that there is still hope in the world and that you want it, you’ll probably get angry. Not just because you’re stuck in a situation that you don’t want to be in but also because you think your life is a huge miserable hole where you just to crawl in and die. This is where Quentin Tarantino’s work is very useful, and my personal favorite from all his movies is Inglourious Basterds, not because Christoph Waltz is in it, but because this is a movie where you can see people die, enjoy it with no one telling you it’s wrong. Clearly, when you get to anger, you want to kill or maybe just beat somebody to vent out all the frustration inside of  you that’s swelling up. And there is no better outlet for your anger than watching Nazis die. I know there are a lot of other revenge movies out there, but in this one, there is no guilt. You won’t feel anything when you see someone get bashed in the head because history justifies it for you. It’s a perfect way to release rage with no reservations.

 3rd Stage – Bargaining – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I know this is not so much of a bargaining movie but for me, the thing Joel and Clementine did to forget each other is bargaining. They literally erased each other from their minds and yet they still met again. In fact, Joel’s mind was still bargaining with his decision when he kept moving Clementine to his other memories just so that he can keep her. For me, that crap is powerful. To make a concrete decision to forget someone but your mind doesn’t want to move on with you? I think everyone can easily relate to that. And to add up to that, willingly moving away from that person but still end up meeting that person, it’s just a cruel twist of fate. It makes you think about staying and just wanting to compromise on what you need to do and what needs to be done in order to get back what you have than to move on and forward.

4th Stage – Depression – 500 days of summer

After bargaining and not getting anywhere, you get to depression. And nothing says depression to me like 500 Days of Summer. It’s probably my favorite romantic movie of all time. This just plucks all the right heart strings with me and it always brings some emotions out of me. The non-linear story telling is an awesome representation of what somebody goes through after a relationship has ended. When everything goes to hell, you always go back to the good old times and try to figure out where everything went wrong. You go back to the first time you met, the fun things that you did, the highlights of what made you happy, all these things form a little ball of fire that’s hard to put out even when you think about all the bad times you’ve had. It makes you feel powerless in the situation and stuck where you only want to go backwards rather than forward. I think one of the best things in the movie that will help you realize the situation is the expectations vs reality bit. It really just rips your heart to shreds when you see the third person view of that is real and what’s in your head. Also, the soundtrack of this movie kills it. It embeds itself into a memory that when you hear it anywhere, you start to think of this movie and how JGL just can never let Zooey Deschanel go.

 5th stage – Acceptance – Forgetting Sarah Mashall

In every situation, you get to the part where you know there’s no other path than to just move forward. And in order to do that, you have to feel light hearted which is why my last pick is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This movie is extremely funny,  comically desperate  and has a happy ending. After sulking with JGL in 500 Days of Summer, it’s best to end your movie trip with a comedy with Jason Segel. This movie definitely takes what someone goes through and makes you feel stupid for feeling stupid so that you can over yourself and move on. It portrays your depression into something you can laugh at and makes you want to take yourself out of that situation. Also, it makes you realize that you can always get someone much more suited for you who can appreciate your quirks. I mean, for me Mila Kunis is definitely hotter than Kirsten Bell 😀

 Did you like the list or do you think that there’s something you would want other than what I’ve listed? Would love to hear your comments!


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