Week 1 – Actor – Christoph Waltz

When I was making my post for the review of 3 Christoph Waltz movies, I realized 3 movies are too many to review thoroughly. This also made me realize that reviewing 3 movies by a director in the same post might also be too lengthy, and well, boring. To address this, i’m changing formats again. Please do bear with me as I try to figure out how to post these things. I’m still tinkering on how to review movies in the first place, so I’m also having a hard time on how to make my movie review formats work.

So to make each post more informative and more interesting with the right amount of words, each post will only have one movie review, whether it is by a featured director or featured actor, I’ll only be posting one each. Wheew. But I’m still not sure on what i should post on a weekly basis, so I apologize for that. I will update my weekly post schedule as soon as I find the correct order and the correct posts that I can do and do well.

I must admit that I’ve only seen Christoph Waltz’s movie this year but I was so was so amazed that I put him up in my “to-watch-every-movie” actor list. He did such an awesome job in Inglourious Basterds as Hans Landa that you can’t help but look forward to his next projects. And I know, his other movies weren’t as good as his tie ups with Tarantino, but you have to admit that the problem was the movie and not his acting.

I think as a celebrity he’s got such class and intellect that you just forget how old he is and fall in love with the charismatic suave European guy being interviewed. When you watch him during interviews you get the sense that he is a serious actor and person who thinks about what he does and realizes it through the art of film acting. That is why when you see him doing bits in Jimmy Kimmel and hosting SNL, you tend to fight the reaction that he’s actually really funny.

Since I am the obsessive person that I am, I saw all his Hollywood movies just to see him act in it and I must say he really is someone to watch out for, which is why I am definitely looking forward to his next movie directed by Terry Gilliam. So to discuss the gift to films that is Christoph Waltz, this is my review of Inglourious Basterds.


Inglourious Basterds

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, this is my favorite Quentin Tarantino film. It’s set in an alternate World War II universe where American Jews led by Brad Pitt (the Basterds) go into Nazi occupied France and kill Nazis. Tied up to this story is survival and revenge story of a Jew, Soshanna, whose family was massacred by the Jew Hunter, Christoph Waltz. Lastly, the end of the story revolves around Project Kino, where, Diane Kruger (which I must say is one of the hottest women in the world) attempts to blow up a theatre full of Nazis and Michael Fassbender, a British soldier died in the process.

Being a Quentin Tarantino film, this movie has one of my favorite monologues ever which may seem like it makes no sense but was an eye opener for me. This is the monologue by Hans Landa in the beginning about rats and squirrels; I was just so amazed on what he said and how it makes sense. I’m not saying that what he said was warranted, but it is a good analogy of why you hate something.

The tension is this movie is just amazing. When Eli Roth was about to bash some Nazis guy in, you can feel your anticipation growing and wanting to see what happens but also scared if you will be able to handle it. Also, when Soshanna had to face Hans Landa again and he orders her milk, my heart pounded as I wait for him to tell her he knows her or just strangle her in the middle of the restaurant.

The entire cast acting was amazing, so good that you forget who they are and believe that the person that they are portraying is real. But for the most part, you always want to see Christoph Waltz on the screen. Because when he is, you know that shit is  going down. Every time you see him, you watch him put on his show then wait for him to lose his mind. No wonder he swept the awards for his role in this because he definitely stole the show.

Since there are no flaws in acting, I think we can focus on the characters. I think the basterds in general were a good protagonist, if you can consider them that. Because in the back of your head, you always think they are the good guys because they kill Nazis. But being human beings, you still tend to think that even the most evil people deserve dignity on which they didn’t have any for the Nazis. Of course Hans Landa was pivotal to the story because without him, there might not be a happy ending for the movie. You feel like his character can bend the story anyway he wants but you don’t know which way he is rooting for, so you can’t discount his presence. Diane Kruger and Michael Fassbender were also important in the movie since they were part of the plan to take down the Nazis but not as important as the others. My favorite character is definitely Soshanna, because she is a survivor. She had the strength to move forward with her life after what had happened to her family and she kept her composure in the face of great terror. She was definitely cool because she had the guts to brew a plan to kill all the Nazis in her own way just to exact revenge for her family and all the Jews and consequently winning the war.

Of course the dialogue and the direction were awesome because Tarantino is such a no apology type of film maker. He makes a cool movie in the back drop of the World War II and makes no excuse for the violence and the morality of his story. I think one of the best things he does is he makes no one right or wrong, he just makes the film. He doesn’t tell you whose sense of loyalty or morality is correct, but he just shows you what he would’ve wanted to happen.

I’d give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 since it had everything. Great dialogue, great directing, awesome acting and can’t believe scenes.

I can see people are viewing and some are liking the movie posts. I would appreciate comments and other kinds of feedback on anything. Would love to hear if you liked the review or if you want me to review any movie. Just leave a comment or send me a message. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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