Why I’m Holding Out to Go to the Cinemas

I’ve been an avid movie goer since I was in high school. I used to watch movies almost every week in the city cinema just to see what was showing. But lately, I haven’t been visiting the cinemas. I think the last movie I even saw in the cinema was The Dark Knight Rises. (Yes, I was not able to see The Hobbit due to my schedule and I know I suck) I know that that may seem to be unforgivable for a movie fanatic but I do have a good reason for that. In fact I have three.

1. Watching movies is sacred. I view the movie going experience as sacred. Watching a movie is like a ritual, you check the movie you like, you check the best schedule for it, you buy the ticket, get the popcorn and sit in the theatre waiting to be wowed by what you are about to see. It’s not just some random thing you do when you have nothing else to do in the mall, where you sit through 2 hours of moving pictures just to pass the time. You are there to experience the visuals and the sounds that the theatre provides and lose yourself to the life inside the movie. It’s hard enough to transport yourself within the movie if it sucks but if you have to deal with annoying movie goers who talk and text during the movie, I just feel that it’s just not worth it.

2. I don’t want to see just any movie. I want to see a movie worth my time and effort to go to the cinemas for. I want to see something special and not just random movie that’s available to watch. As you may have noticed in my blog, I am one lazy person. If I can get away with not leaving the house for anything, well, except travel, I won’t even change out of my pajamas and get out of my apartment. If I like the story, the director or the actor, I’ll summon the energy to get my butt into an awesome cinema but if it’s just some movie, I’ll just wait for it to be available online. On a side note, I guess you may be wondering how am I supposed to know if a movie is good without seeing it? That’s easy research. You can always check out what you need to know about a movie before you go out and see it, there are a ton of reliable movie reviewers on youtube that watch advanced screenings so that you don’t have to suffer to pay and watch horrible movies.

3. I’m too cheap. Yes, this is part of my reason. My average expense while watching a movie is almost 500php. I know in other countries it’s much more expensive but here in the Philippines, that’s a bit of a luxury, and that is a luxury I’d rather not indulge. So you buy the ticket about P200, you buy your popcorn and your soda, that’s another P200. Then lastly, you buy something sweet, probably candy, that’s P100. So that about P500, that’s not even counting the bus ticket to and from the cinema. That’s what I mean by luxurious. And if you think I could go to the movies without the complete set, then you’re wrong.

I think all this started when I saw Skyline, which is probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. You see, I went on a weekend, so I had to shower, get dressed and get on a bus just to go to the cinemas instead of just watching on my computer. Also, I was treating out a friend which meant that not only did I pay for our tickets but I also had to buy our food. And lastly, I had to sit through the whole freaking movie. It was horrible and after that experience, I realized that watching that movie was such a waste of my time and money that I should be more picky in what I should watch in the cinemas. I realized that I may love movies, but not all movies deserve the love it gets, so from then on, I scrutinized every movie that’s showing in the theatres before I go out and see it and I have no regrets in doing so.

For now, I haven’t been to the cinemas. I did consider seeing Jack the Giant Slayer or Oz: The Great and Powerful but because they had mixed reviews, I didn’t rush to the theatres to see it. I may have to wait until the summer movies start before I start going but that’s fine. I’m completely satisfied with watching old movies that I haven’t seen. Because at least I can make sure that I’ll enjoy watching the movie and I won’t get disappointed.


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