We arrived in Bangkok after a 12-hour ride from Siem Reap. We were dropped off at Khao San Road but decided to head to our hostel first. You can go around Bangkok by just taking a tuktuk everywhere, just make sure they don’t overpay. A trip anywhere close can’t be more than THB100, in fact paying THB100 is already expensive.

 Khao San Road

Since we haven’t had food since breakfast, we went back to Khao San Road to find something to eat. Khao San Road is basically a night market, you walk through the crowded street where you can shop for food and clothes and even deep fried maggots and spiders. There are also invitations there to go to boy-girl clubs which we didn’t have the nerve to go to. So we just ate whatever we saw and went to a spa where we got facials and massages at 12AM in the morning.


Khao San Road with all the pretty lights 🙂


Yep, this is me trying to eat anything I can get my hands on 😀


 Golden Mount

We woke up early the next day and immediately headed to Golden Mount which was 5 minutes away from our hostel. We climbed the stairs and rang the bells (which we didn’t what it was for) to the top where you see a view of Bangkok.



Royal Palace

This was basically one of the tourist spots in Bangkok. You’ll know when you get there because it is swarming with tourists. But don’t expect too much, this is just a building next to a building covered in glass to make it sparkle. Make sure that you are wearing the proper attire; everything must cover below your knees and remove your shoes when you enter the temples. The colors on the buildings were remarkable and you can see the resemblance of their carvings to those from Cambodia.





Open from 8:30AM to 3:30PM, entrance fee is THB200.

Try their ice cream, available at the store just before te museum :)

Try their ice cream, available at the store just before the museum 🙂

Wat Phra Keo Museum

Inside the Grand Palace you’ll see the museum which displays the old parts of the palace that needed to the constructed. The old wooden terraces and the original structure were displayed to show how the restructuring of the palace made. There were also a ton crap of Buddha statues inside the museum. I think about 3 to 4 rooms were just buddhas in various positions.


We wanted to see the reclining Buddha after the Royale Palace but unfortunately it was closed. So we just headed back to our hostel so that we can head off to the airport to catch our flight to Singapore. I think we didn’t enjoy Bangkok as much because we were tired from the earlier destinations that we went to. Also, most people who’ve been to Thailand did say the provinces are definitely more enjoyable. We didn’t also get to shop too much so that definitely took our experience down a peg. Hahaha! Although I must say, Bangkok is definitely a food mecca.


You must try their street food, especially the pad thai.


If you have any comments or suggestions, just let me know. Your feedback is very welcome and will be very much appreciated. Just leave a comment or send me a message. It would be nice to hear from the people who read my blog 🙂


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