Top 20 Movies of all time – Part II

Alright, I made the top 10 post and it was too long. So I’m cutting it down into 2 posts. So this is my top 10 to 6.

city_of_god10. City of God (2002) – Directed by Fernando Meirelles, this is one of the most memorable movies I’ve ever seen. It was shown to us by a religion professor during my university years and it really engraved itself in my head. The ideas of exceptions and hate and greed are so menacing that you want to think that people are not like this, but they are. In fact, this is based on true events. The violence in this movie is fascinating because it involves kids holding guns and never ending gang wars where you forget what you’re fighting about in the first place. And although the ending is justifiable and with hope, it is still an appalling reflection on how little we value the life of one another.


 9. Watchmen (2009) – I know a lot of people hate this movie but I really do think it’s one of the best movies that display the map of human behavior in a form of superheroes. And I know people who have read the graphic novel don’t like the adaptation of the ending but for someone who didn’t read it, it was a satisfying ending, to me it made sense. Every aspect of human life is portrayed in this movie (of course, credit goes to Allan Moore for that) is interesting, even the younger Silk Spectre. They just represent the various faces of humanity that there is and how they would react and handle a grave situation. The unfaltering but unrealistic paranoid, the takes life as a joke, the passive limiting common john, the distraught self-centered girl, the smartest man alive and the god. They are all here and how they are managed in the story is just perfect. I just can’t help but watch this over and over again to see what else I’ve missed and to learn from it over and over again.


 8. Fight Club (1999) – First rule of fight club. You never talk about fight club. That is probably one of the most used lines in movies. But nobody cares since this is probably one of the coolest movies EVER. Tyler Durden is such an iconic persona that you can’t help but feel yourself wanting to be as cool and as bad ass as he is. This is Fincher’s best work and my favorite Brad Pitt movie. It’s just gives you this raw sense of being human. And eventually you learn that when you become deprived of your basic instincts to become a routinary person, you will rebel, whether or not you like it. (In Edward Norton’s case, without his consent.) It’s based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk (who I may add is a great novelist, read Invisible Monsters and Haunted, they may have a lot of sexual tones but the illustration of human behavior  is interesting at the very least). But anyway, I just really love this movie, it’s such a powerful message in a powerful movie that when you learn about the twist, you will definitely be floored.


 7. Inglourious Basterds (2009) – Yes, my favorite movie from Tarantino is this. Not Pulp Fiction. Why? Because I thought the whole Bruce Willis part of Pulp Fiction was dragging, but Inglourious Basterds was amazing all throughout, every scene was thrilling and the whole movie just takes a hold of you and never lets go. It may be a simple story to kill Hitler but the characters dialogue is the best of Tarantino. It’s just a magnificent work of film that you root for the good guys and you laugh when the bad guys win. It’s a guilt free movie where violence is accepted and celebrated, not every film can be labeled as that, that’s why this is so special.


6. Truman Show (1998) – Sometimes you fantasize that your life is a movie and you create this vision in your head what you would say and what people would tell you. Or maybe sometimes, you feel like people are just watching your every move. Well, for Truman, that is real. This is definitely Jim Carrey’s best work to date. The movie is quirky since it still has Jim Carrey’s antics and funny because of the mishaps that happen while they are filming. Not to mention the product placements during Truman’s life is such good detail on how his life is portrayed. But for me, this is all about the ending. It’s all about the choice between knowing what your life can be for the rest of your life or taking up the courage to brave the unknown with your fate hanging in the balance. And yeah, there was his longing for a girl but to me that is just instrumental for him to seek the truth. The ultimate gravity of this movie is making the choice to take control of your life.

So that’s my top 10 to 6. Did you like it? Do you have similar movies on your top 20 of where there any movies that you thought didn’t belong? If you have any comments or suggestions, just let me know. Your feedback is very welcome and will be very much appreciated. Just leave a comment or send me a message. It would be nice to hear from the people who read my blog 🙂


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