Isaac Asimov Challenge – Robot and Foundation Series

Other than being a movie buff, I also have an affinity for books. This love is mostly because they provide you with an escape to the mind and reality of somebody else. In addition to that, it’s definitely a good method to exercise your vocabulary, grammar and spelling (since we are all spell check dependent now.) However, due to my busy schedule and my laziness, I’ve been a bit behind on my readings. To address that, I’ve included in my 2013 goals to read 52 books. So far, I’ve read only 4 which make me 8 books behind schedule.

So to jump start my reading habits again, I’m setting myself up for a challenge. During this holy week, I’ll be immersing myself in the world created by one of the most well-known atheists who’s ever lived, Isaac Asimov. I’m committing to read the Robot and Foundation Series in the order below (the order is based another blog). 

  1. Complete Robot (1982)
  2. Caves of Steel (1954)
  3. The Naked Sun (1957)
  4. The Robots of Dawn (1983)
  5. Robots and Empire (1985)
  6. The Currents of Space (1952)
  7. The Stars, Like Dust (1951)
  8. Pebble in the Sky (1950)
  9. Prelude to the Foundation (1988)
  10. Forward the Foundation (1993)
  11. Foundation (1951)
  12. Foundation and Empire (1952)
  13. Second Foundation (1953)
  14. Foundation’s Edge (1982)
  15. Foundation and Earth (1986)

 I’m targeting to finish this list in a month’s time to get me right back on track of my reading list. I’ve already finished the Foundation and have started reading Foundation and Empire. Unfortunately, based on some forums that I’ve read, it makes more sense to read the robot series first before diving into the foundation. So I’m abandoning Foundation and Empire and will be starting with the Complete Robot.

 I’ll be posting updates on my progress on this challenge weekly so that I can make sure that I don’t go off schedule. I’ll still be reviewing movies weekly so that I can take a break from reading. But please do wish me luck so that I can accomplish this!

 If you have any comments or suggestions on this topic, feel free to comment or send me an email. It would be nice to hear from the readers.


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