Juice Fast for 4 days

I am currently transitioning to becoming a vegetarian. As I’ve said on my last post, since I’ve already weaned myself off of meat, I’ll be doing a juice fast this holy week. I am a not a doctor or a dietician or a nutritionist so please don’t mistake what I say as medical advice.

As I did my research, fasting is a good way to help the body take all the junk out. Turns out, most of the time, the body is too busy with just digesting food that it becomes too preoccupied to do anything else. To address that, some people fast (as I would do for 4 days from Thursday to Sunday). I’m not doing it to lose weight; I’m doing it to give my body a break from all the eating I’ve done. This is actually my first fast so there might be glitches on what I’ll do.

I’ll only be consuming juice for four straight days, no solid foods, just liquids. This may seem like it’s a hunger strike but from what I’ve read in related articles, fasting isn’t starving, but of course not to be taken lightly. Taking juice only is still like taking food because you still drink the nutrients from the fruits and veggies that you eat, only without the fiber.

In order for me the fast to not be monotonous, I’ve set my menu for four days are as follows:

**These recipes are from juicerecipes.com

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Fresh Start Breast Cancer Awareness Juice Adios Coffee Morning Glory
Lunch Better than a Salad Orange Broccoli Martha Stewart’s Green Juice Orange Broccoli
Snack Coconut water Summer Melon Coconut water Summer Melon
Dinner Beginner Green The Man With The Golden Juice Better than a Salad Lemon Essence


 Important things to remember (from what I’ve read):

  1. You can drink as much juice as you want but you have to consume AT LEAST 1 to 2 liters of green juice (veggie juice).
  2. Don’t drink too much fruit juice as they are high in sugar.
  3. Juice then drink. Refrain from making juice ahead of time as it oxidizes.
  4. No coffee and no dairy.
  5. Don’t eat solid food, this will trigger your body to digest food rendering the fast useless.
  6. Don’t blend, juice. Blenders do not remove fiber.
  7. After the fast, you can only eat light meals. Don’t strain your digestive system right away because this will do more harm than good.

 Will definitely update everyone as to how it goes 🙂


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