Oblivion Movie Review

So I finally gathered enough courage to go to a cinema, spend money on a movie ticket to watch a movie this year. This is my first movie experience for 2013 and I must say I was disappointed. Very much disappointed. Just a heads up, the first part of this review is spoiler free but since I am a bit angry about this movie, there will be spoilers at the bottom so if you don’t like spoilers, stop reading when I you see SPOILER.

Oblivion stars Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo. It’s directed by Joseph Kosinski and partly written by him as well. It’s based on the comic book created by the director and I think that’s all I can say that’s technical about this movie. It’s a story about earth and the aftermath of a war where earth becomes uninhabitable and humans flee to Titan, Saturn’s moon. Tom Cruise is a drone mechanic who fixes drone on earth while we are still recovering energy that we can from earth before finally leaving it.

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise or Joseph Kosinski. I just never liked Tom Cruise and I’ve never seen a movie from the director since I didn’t watch Tron Legacy (for those who are not familiar with me, I like my movies more than just a visually stimulating fantasy). But I went to see the movie because I saw Elysium’s trailer the same day and it excited the crap out of me. I am a huge fan of District 9 and I think Neil Blomkamp has got a lot of promise. So I thought to myself, maybe it’s time to gear up and start watching movies in the cinema again.

I did enjoy the first part a little bit, familiarizing what earth has become after the war, and what happened. You see all this great shots of after war earth and you think to yourself, oh yeah, earth’s done for. And when you see the half blown moon at the sky, you really think catastrophe. They also do give you hints at the beginning that something is off and something is not what they appear but if you look at the movie as a whole there’s really nothing more to grasp on.

And it really crushed me that sci fi isn’t given much love with this movie. Not that I’m a sci fi guru, but it really shoots close to my heart, I really got angry with this movie because not only there was no originality in the movie, there was really no depth of story whatsoever. It feels like a 9 year old thought of the twists and said, ok, let’s do it. Although the direction was not bad because the visuals were amazing but the pacing together with the storyline couldn’t hold your interest enough. The pacing is just awful, you never feel the story pick up. You want to think, ok, is this it? Is the story becoming epic? I felt that at least three times and got angrier everytime because it never happens. It leaves you with more questions that there are answers. I mean in any fantasy world you want to know how it got there, why there are like that, when is it set all that crap and it doesn’t have to make sense in our real world but it has to make sense it that world but Oblivion failed in that aspect. I mean yes, we get it, these are the remnants of an alien-human war but what now? Where has everything gone? What the hell is happening? These questions were not answered in my opinion even until the end of the movie. They do offer tidbits of information but it was never enough. Some of it makes itself sometimes too obvious or sometimes too vague that you see plot holes everywhere.

The action in the movie was OK and the technology was cool. His transporter (I forgot what they called it) and other things of the future were nice to look at but anything other than that was not impressive. The score I felt was not good. It kept trying to shove moments in you that they want you to feel epic about but it just ends up being a loud display of non-epic storyline that really doesn’t help the movie, AT ALL.

The acting from Tom Cruise was good and his “wife” was amazing at being wide eyed and technical. But I must say that his other love interest (I call her the cheap version of Catherine Zeta Jones) was not good. I also feel that Morgan Freeman was underutilized, they just wanted to record his voice so that the empty stupid dialogue would at least sound smarter and epic than what it really is.


SPOILERS (Stop reading if you wan’t to see this movie even without knowing why I hate it so much)



1. You never understand fully the setting of earth and Titan. It’s set in 2077 but we had the technology to send people off to Titan? They never told you how we won the war against the scavs. I mean how did we defeat a force who can blow up the moon? They never really explained what the scavs even are, which maybe be because there are no scavs. And the radiation zone? What is in the radiation zone, we were supposed to find out because Morgan Freeman said we should see it to find the answers but it’s just sand. I don’t understand how Tom Cruise got the point with just seeing the sand.

2. Oh yeah, humans are still alive and living on earth. And yeah, they are trying to destroy whatever is out there. But they never make you care about them. Yeah you meet Morgan Freeman, and there rest? They’re just there so you can say there is still a human population. That’s it, that’s all they are there for. You never give a crap about the human race and what they are fighting for. And the ending, the last 10 minutes of it were pretty stupid. YES. When I “got to the end of the tunnel”, I was expecting to at least be interested on what’s behind the curtain, but when I saw what it was, I got a little bit pissed. You will understand this when you see it or if you decide to see it.

3. The ending and I hated the 2 stupid endings. Yeah, there are so many freaking twists at the end you feel like they are trying to compensate for the rest of the shitty movie. The first one was the giant stereo. Yeah, the freaking alien was a giant stereo. On how it created rigs without hands, I don’t know? On why it needs to eat up other planets, i don’t know. Maybe it wants to play at a concert for the universe but needs at least 3 planets to consume so that he can play the music. Next, the thing with the kid. Yeah, his real wife lives because he leaves her at this cabin he built while on earth and viola! in 3 years, you see a child and her. Then turns out, it took the humans 3 years to find her because in that scene, she was found by the clone (yeah, Tom Cruise has a clone). In which you ask yourself, how the fuck did you survive 3 freaking years in that cabin? How did you give birth? What did you eat? Was the one pet fish enough to sustain both of your existences?

Since I’m starting to review new movies now, I’m adapting a more descriptive review rating than just 1 to 5. My new rating system from lowest to highest is as follows:

1 – Not worth watching EVER

2 – Watch it when it comes our on cable

3 – Stream it online

4 – Must see

5 – Must see NOW!

So to scale my first movie of 2013 in my new rating system. Oblivion – I say watch it when it comes out on cable. It has no originality, no depth just visuals which were impressive if you turn your brain off. There was no depth of story or even of character except from Tom Cruise maybe. It’s just not worth spending your money.

After watching this movie, it really gave me a fearful feeling for the sci fi movies coming out this year because there are a lot. I am hoping though that this would be the worst one since this is shown in May. I hope M Night makes it good with After Earth because Elysium is still a long wait ahead.

Hope you liked this review. If you have any comments or suggestions, just leave me a comment below. 🙂


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