Elysium and Man of Steel Trailer – Thoughts

As people who read my blog know, my first movie for 2013 was Oblivion and I felt let down by it and a bit hesitant again to go in line to watch movies. But HOLY CRAP! Trailer 3 for Man of Steel has been released today and it’s so awesome that I just have to post my thoughts about it.


As there are 2 trailers released from my most anticipated movies for 2013 list, I’ll post my thoughts on both of them, first is Elysium.



This was the first trailer released for Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to District 9 which I loved, so I was really excited to see what the story really is and how the world was portrayed in this reality. First they show you Elysium, which is where the rich live. You see the landscape and you immediately think, futuristically realistic. Then there is a shot from Elysium where you see Earth then they show you the ruins. The contrast was awesome because you really get to feel the differences in the way of life and how far (figuratively and literally) Earth is from Elysium. Before this trailer I just knew that Elysium was the place where the rich people and the rest of the poor people were on earth, I didn’t really know much about who and what Matt Damon was. This trailer shows you that he is this guy who wants to bring down Elysium. Of course we think of that from the start but what is interesting is how he tries to destroy Elysium, which is the thing they attach to him to bring down Elysium’s system. That I think is very interesting because when you say system, does that mean computers control Elysium and if you destroy the computers, Elysium will fall from the sky? The people there will die? The robots will fail and the people there will have to fend for themselves? You don’t really know but the way they put it begs all the questions on how Elysium was structured in the first place and how far Earth has lagged behind (because you do see flying cars on earth). And although the music feels very Inception-y with all the bongs bongs bongs at the beginning, I do feel it’s appropriate when you try to build up the tension between Elysium and Earth and that you want the viewer to anticipate a fall. All in all, this really got me so hyped up about the film that I can’t wait for the next trailer and the actual film. It really sucks to know that I have to wait until August to see it.


Man of Steel

As I’ve said over and over again, I don’t like Superman but I love the people behind the Man of Steel. But this new trailer made Superman interesting to me. The dialogue in the trailer was great in my opinion because it makes sense to me. For example, Jor-El was saying people should look up to his son as a model, someone to aspire to become. That was really enlightening because I’ve always just thought of Superman as an indestructible force and nothing else. In this, they tell you that being Superman is a figurative position, he is what he is not to save the world one problem at a time but to be someone who inspires people to become what he is and save themselves. That is really a good angle for Superman and I’m really excited on what else they elaborate about him and his life.


To get on with the trailer, this one was awesome! The previous ones were very timid but this one was all out action. When you hear General Zod screaming, you really do feel the weight of the villain, not just who he is. You get the sense that it will be a character building set up for Superman and the world that he lives in. You see Clark growing up and trying to find out who he was and where he comes from and he eventually becomes Superman. Although I do have questions on how he develops his alter ego because you don’t see him become an older Clark Kent, you just see him as a teenager then Superman. Of course this looks amazing as Zack Snyder is very visual and the dialogue here works because Goyer wrote it. In the end, it just gets me so pumped that I’ve seen it more than 10x over the last hour.


Do you have the same thoughts as I did with the trailers? Please leave comments to start up the discussion on these two films. I can’t wait until they are in theatres to blow my mind! 🙂


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