Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Alright, and the summer kicks off with the funniest Iron Man movie. And although I did like this Iron Man movie, I must say I like the first Iron Man better. Also, I must admit that reviewing this is a little bit out of my range because I have not seen any of Shane Black’s films. (Yes, I have not seen Predator or Lethal Weapon or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang because I am not a big action movie fan)  and I don’t even like Iron Man (because he’s always been compared to Batman, and as you know, I am a Batman die hard fan). But I’ll try to give it a good review anyways. 🙂


The movie stars Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley and directed by Shane Black.  It’s the third and “presumably” the last installment of the Iron Man movies and deals with the Mandarin. It starts where the Avengers left off where Iron Man is still haunted by the fact that he almost died from going through a worm hole to save humanity and now he goes back to just being a genius with the knowledge that he can get squashed by aliens and he can only do so much to save himself and the rest of the world.


In general, this movie is very “Avengers-ish”. It’s fun filled, light hearted, highly humored and very kid friendly. You can really see how the tone of the Avengers was carried through and how they try to tie the stories in. The direction was great because the shots were amazing and the pacing was so good that it sucks you to the story. I did feel that there were little dull moments but it really doesn’t drag the movie at all.


The story wasn’t really original but it is done well. You do understand why Iron Man feels what he feels, why he is where he is and the story really centers on him. In my opinion, there were no side stories to this movie, the main focus is Iron Man and how he will handle what’s in front of him with this past traumatizing event haunting him. I’m not saying that that’s bad since the movie is aptly named Iron Man 3, I’m actually giving credit to the movie that they focused on the title character and they did it well. The twist did catch me a bit by surprise, maybe because I had no expectations of the movie but it was a fun twist. I do have a problem with regards towards the end with what happened with Pepper’s character. I just don’t buy that she can change that way. But all in all, the plot made sense and that’s all you really needed to do.


The acting was great, I really think that the actors understood what kind of movie the director was trying to portray that you feel that no one was out of place. Although I did feel that there was one character was underutilized in the story. But I have to say that Ben Kingsley was menacing as the Mandarin. When you hear that “you’ll never see me coming” line, it’s crazy awesome and makes you smile. It really does, because you think to yourself, this guy is out of his mind, I wonder what he’ll do to Iron Man. For Robert Downey Jr, I think he IS Iron Man, but I did feel that he overdid it at times. There were some moments that he felt too abrasive that it came out as in your face rather than smoothly but I don’t think anyone can play Iron Man but him. It’s like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, they just are who they say they are and it’s crazy good. Guy Pearce is just Guy Pearce in a sense that he can really do a good villain, he’s just a great actor all around. Although you must know that I am on love with Guy Pearce.


And although this is not my favorite iron man movie and the movie might have its flaws, I still think that this movie is worth watching. To that, I give it a rating as a Must See. If you liked the Avengers, then you’ll definitely like this movie. It’s action packed (very much) and funny. It’s a great movie to start the summer movies.


Hope you liked this review. If you have any comments or suggestions, just leave me a comment below. 🙂


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