Iron Man 3 Movie Review – SPOILERS

I think my previous review was a bit lacking since I couldn’t discuss anything without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it. So to get our think tanks in gear, I’ll do this other review with spoilers.



So Iron Man 3, as a sequel to the Avengers and as a finale to the Iron Man movies, it’s quite well done. In my opinion, it takes the out of this world factor of the Avengers and applies it in a relevant although far-fetched reality.  And it really does focus all of its time, literally all of it, to Iron Man’s character. You really do feel that Iron Man is struggling with almost dying and you sort of understand why he’s losing his mind. Although I do wish that they were more flashbacks to establish how terrifying it is for Tony to deal with that crap.


One of the coolest things in the movie were the suits. The suits flying in the air scene was awesome, although I may not understand all the references for the suit designs, I still enjoy seeing that much metal clashing with indestructible humans. The action scenes were very well done, although you do understand that the regenerating people were CGI, it was just enough CGI to convince you that this could really happen.


Tony and the kid. That was probably the funniest part of the Iron Man trilogy. It was such a good tandem that you can’t help but laugh out loud despite being inside the cinema. Also, Jon Favreau was so funny. I just love that guy, I think being over the top is his thing and he does it well. Ben Kingsley was also hilarious as Trevor and scary as the Mandarin. He just did the 180 very convincingly that I just love him in this movie.



Guy Pearce’s “power”. I wish they elaborated more on how they can code your brain to regrowing your limbs and you breathing fire. I wish they really told you how they transferred the technology from plants to humans. They should’ve also elaborated how Guy and the girl became a tandem and how they collaborated on their ideas and came up with the plan to blow up the world. I didn’t really understand what they wanted to do. They just blew stuff up, kidnap the president, tried to pin it on the US to leave the middle east alone but since they were not earning money to do it (since they created a persona who supposedly paid them, which he didn’t), what were they trying to accomplish? Was I the only one who missed this?


The Maya girl. I forgot her name but I think she was underutilized. You don’t really understand where she’s coming from. She’s evil why? Is it for the money? Is she in love with Guy Pearce? Does she just hate Tony? They really don’t tell you. Because you can’t really say that she did it as an act of revenge to Tony because she wanted Tony’s help in the first place. She only sought his help after Tony got in between her and Guy’s plan. So you can’t really say she’s a demon, as Tony put it.


How did they build a loyal army to their cause? Is part of the person’s power mind control? I don’t get why these people would kill for Guy Pearce with just loyalty and gratitude.  Because as I said, I don’t think these guys were paid in cash, because where would they get it? From sponsorships? That is understandable but not established. In the beginning, they did try to get Tony to fund them but he refused, so if they did that, they must owe some people something, like the results of the project. But you don’t see other people using the technology other than Guy. So i’m not sure if it works out like that.


Lastly, I’m not sold with Pepper being a bad ass. I think the main thing I like about Gwyneth Paltrow is her quiet presence, that’s why when she turns into the aggressive regenerating (lizard?), it’s not at all convincing that she can take on Guy Pearce. I mean, Tony tried to kill this guy several times and failed, but she can knock him out with explosives? I mean he was contained in a suit which blew up?! and he was still alive. How can he die with a missile shot towards him? It’s just not as convincing as you would’ve hoped.


Despite the lingering questions left in my head after watching this and thinking about it. I still do think it was a good movie. It makes you laugh and makes you care on how Iron Man would turn up and despite the cheesy ending, I think the ending is appropriate because you know in the end, Iron Man will not stop being Iron Man. You understand that he is Iron Man, and it’s not a persona, he can’t help being a genius with a lot of time and money.


Do you have any lingering questions regarding Iron Man 3? I would love to hear your comments on this? Did I just not get it or this is also how you see it? Please leave comments below 🙂


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