Isaac Asimov Challenge Update

Alright, it’s the end of April and I have gone nowhere reading the Asimov robot series. Please do forgive me for not following through with this one. I know I can cop out and say that I don’t have the time to read but in truth I know that when I love a book, I can easily find the time to read it.


The thing is I had fun reading about Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun. They really are a good reality for the future. I enjoyed understanding more about Asimov’s law of robotics and how robots come to the human lives. Not only that but I do enjoy the character of Lijeh Bailey and how he manages to get the answers, although I do feel that somehow, you think that he will get the answers not because he is smart enough to do it but because he is the protagonist and he is meant to get it. I really love the world Asimov created, on how humans changed socially because of technology, on how I feel so much like Lijeh and less like the people from the Outer Worlds. The books really do grow on you and you feel alienated from the Outer Worlds which I think is a good thing because it immerses you to a world foreign to you.


But I have to admit that I am stuck with Robots of Dawn for about 3 weeks now, and it’s not because I am too busy. But it’s because of Gladia, I hate her, she sucks. I know the ending of Robots and Empire (because I read the last chapter of every book I read first before I start the book) and the whole Jedi mind trick is intriguing to me but to harrow through Gladia’s sex life halfway through the book is just awful. I’m seriously annoyed that Gladia is again the center of attention and how she is like the princess you just want to see dead. She has no grace at being a person and so self centered that I just want her killed off. But because it wanted to get away from Gladia so much I read the first part of Robots and Empire and to my disappointment, she is the first character that opens it.


I want to finish the series, I really do. Because there are a gazillion references to current sci fi literature that is based on this and I want to know everything. But I have to skip Robots of Dawn in order to do that because I really can’t stand Gladia. But my OCD kicks in telling me that I have to read it before I move forward to Robots and Empire. But everytime I open Robots of Dawn and read about stupid Gladia I either get angry, lose interest or fall asleep.


I do hope that I can power through this book and move forward to the series because I’ve also read the first Foundation books and they are so cool. But now since I haven’t followed through with my schedule, I’m piling on books that I have to read. I recently discovered that Dune is a must read for sci fi fanatics and it’s now on my list. To add to that, I still have a movie list to study. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can accomplish these? HELP!


But anyway, I can’t abandon my 2013 goals this early on, I have seen some movies that are not on my list and I’ll probably make some reviews for that. In addition, I have been meat free for almost 3 months now and at least I have accomplish that. Hopefully I can post more updates and more reviews soon for you guys. 🙂


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