Groundhog Day Movie Review

As my boyfriend has been insisting that I see this movie stating that it’s one of the best comedies of all time and that it has been to the US National Film Registry and blah blah blah blah blah, I gave in and saw it with him this weekend. Not that I don’t like Bill Murray but I did find Ghostbusters to be a bit boring so I wasn’t as excited as I could be.


So this is a movie starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliot directed by Harold Ramis based on a story by Danny Rubin. The story is about a weatherman stuck in time in a town in Pennsylvania. That’s basically it. What he does while he’s stuck is the meat of the story. I think that’s all you can say about the plot line of the story.


So let me start with this review by stating that I don’t understand that this is a comedy. I’m not sure why I don’t find it as a comedy, maybe it’s a generation gap or I’m stupid but I thought that the movie was more drama than comedy. Not saying that the movie was crap or that it wasn’t funny in parts, it is, I was just misled into thinking that this was going to be Dumb and Dumber funny than being The Truman Show funny (Yes, I’m using Jim Carrey movies as an analogy.) I’m just saying you can’t laugh at Phil and feel for him at the same time. It’s either you find the predicament funny or frustrating but you can’t be both, because feeling both is just mean.


But anyway, the premise is intriguing in itself. It makes you think of yourself in the same situation instantly. The protagonist may not be a good guy in the normal sense but you relate to him as a person stuck in a cycle with no exit strategy. The story is good. The direction was also great because the story was narrated in a sense that it was menial day to day life in a sometimes repetitive fashion but you don’t feel the movie drag one bit. You were in Bill Murray’s predicament the whole way. You understand how he progressed throughout the years he spent in the time loop. It also depicts the male mind very well (sex before food.)


The acting from Bill Murray was outstanding. He makes you care despite being an a-hole in the first part of the movie. He makes you feel involved in what’s happening to him. Also, he portrays frustrated very well, he didn’t have to scream and break windows to show what he felt, he just had the right amount of anguish and irony to play the character. Andie MacDowell was a typical 90’s love interest, she was a bit timid with a soft voice with an ideal that cannot be stained by cynicism. She was ok in that but she wasn’t amazing. The comic relief guy was also funny but not in your face or overwhelming. He was just there to provide small laughs in times that you feel that Bill Murray can’t do anything else.


I think the best compliment I can give this movie is that it made me think how it’s an exaggerated version of life. Yeah, all movies are like that but this takes it to the maximum level of absurdity to prove a point. It made me think that our lives are just a series of days stuck in the same place BUT if we change our attitude towards things, it will definitely change our lives, it will help us get out of the sick cycle that we’ve caught ourselves in.


To finally rate this movie, I must say it’s a MUST SEE. If your parents don’t have a copy, get your own. Bill Murray was fantastic in this movie. He carried it throughout. Also, the story line will get your head spinning on what would you do if you lived the same day over and over and over again.


Hope you liked this review. Please do leave your comments and suggestions below 🙂


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