My right to vote – or rather, not to vote

I have never exercised my right to vote. Why? Because I believe it is an exercise in futility.


I only believe in things that can and will affect change, the people in the government does not contribute to that at all. As long the government is populated with idiots who cannot understand the basic human needs or what the government is supposed to do, I will never exercise my right to vote.


I believe that the government is an illusion, an authority figure set up to the people to fear and follow, not necessarily to respect. The real people with real authority are those with power and money, ie, the businesses and the church. If the government has to negotiate terms with people with money and power, they have no power. True power only exists when you can dictate what is without question and with full cooperation (the church does this well).


I can give you an example to clarify this point, the most recent one is probably the RH bill. It seems unimaginable on how much some people had to fight for this just to get it. And it’s even more unimaginable that some people are fighting against it. If the government is only here to serve the people, to give them what they need in return of their taxes, why is it that it took so long to pass this bill? If the government is independent from the church why did the bishops threaten government officials to pull out support for their election? Why is it that the government can’t do anything when massive jobs are being lost because of corporate interest?


I think we are fooled to believe that our governments have much power, I don’t think they do. To add to that, with the little power that they have, they can’t even serve the people right. And it’s because they serve their personal interests first.  I mean, if governments were established to serve the people, then there should be no child left of an education. Or overpopulation will be taken cared of. Or that everyone in the country will have the right to electricity. Little things like that make you wonder, why is there a government at all?


I think we dwell on the idea of what the government can do for us. I think that there is a saying, don’t ask what the government can do for you, ask what you can do for your government. This is definitely true, a democracy will never work if we pass the power to the government. It seems that our right to vote has become our right to blame and point fingers that’s why nothing gets done. The power of a democracy is what the individuals can do for the group and not what you can get from it.


For the record, I do not condemn the people who vote. Those who feel strongly that their vote will matter is fine by me. I just think that my vote will not matter that’s why I do not cast it. I do my patriotism in a manner not as a spectacle but a more effective way.


People often say that people who don’t vote are part of the problem. They say that those who do not vote have no right to complain about the incumbent leadership because we did not take part in voting them.  I believe this is untrue. Because whether you vote candidate A or candidate B, the status of the country stays the same. So why does my vote matter when only the players change and not the game? In fact, those who abstain tend not to care about the characters of who is in position but rather on focusing on personal solutions that can also help others.


I think most people interpret voting as a quick solution to their sucky predicament, which it isn’t. Voting the right people may help but it doesn’t necessarily give you the results you are hoping for. But if you really want to change the world to be a better place, you only need to look into what you are doing, there is no need for a ballot.


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