Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie Review


Although I did expect to enjoy and like this movie before watching it (since the first one was really good), I was pleasantly surprised that I liked like movie even more than I thought I would.

To premise this review, I am not a Trekkie. I have not seen any of the old Star Trek films and shows. And I can’t really say that I don’t like them because I haven’t seen them, but I can say that the thought of watching them did not interest me. I did see the 2009 reboot of Star Trek not because I started to become interested but because I saw the trailers and it looked awesome. So anyway, i’ll review this now then make a review of the first one after. It might be confusing but hey, first I’ll say about this movie is that you can enjoy the hell out of this movie without knowing a thing about the Star Trek universe. I know this because the person I saw this haven’t seen the first movie and wasn’t even a fan of sci fi and she had fun with this movie.

So to go in with this review without spoiling anything, JJ Abrams was amazing with the direction of this movie. The story’s pacing and narrative was so good that you just get wrapped around this adventure and forget the time passing by. The visuals were definitely incredible and despite people hating lens flare, i do like it in this movie. The writing was definitely well thought of, they cared about both the story and the characters that they characters weren’t just there to fill in time but they have roles. The humor was definitely incredible and I think it made the movie than just an adventure sci fi. It made it into this awesome package of cool amazing visuals with an intriguing plot with lines that will make you laugh your asses off. The story from a fresh perspective is a good one. I have no prior knowledge of Star Trek and have no concrete background except for side references from watching The Big Bang Theory. They tell you the story on shaky grounds where you know that there is something fishy but you just don’t know what it is. And also, I really liked the way the story tied all together at the end, it makes a very good wrap up of the entire thing.

The cast, I must say I found it weird that I think that Spock is sexier than Kirk. But I did and I just had to go get that out into the universe. Chris Pines and Zach Quinto definitely nailed it their roles with ease. The contrasting relationship between Kirk and substantial but not at all overwhelming. It’s sweet, thoughtful but a bit frustrating but it provides a lot of character development and gives you a deeper understanding of what a crew is in terms starfleet. The crew relationship of the crew with each other and with Kirk was also funny and interesting and gives the movie a good comic relief. Everyone was definitely amazing that you can’t find a weak link. But I think the stand out other than Kirk and Spock was Benedict Cumberbatch. You just feel tha he can and will kick your ass and he’ll look so cool doing it. I did find the way he talks and smiles weird but I guess that part of showing that he was different from everyone else.

Other than what I’ve already mentioned above, I also really like the moral undertone of the movie in the sense that you can’t really judge the character in a movie from their actions but rather their motives. It’s a food subtle layer of human interest around everything else.

Alright, although I do have a teeny tiny question about one scene in this movie, I can’t help but give it a rating of must see NOW! It’s fun, intelligent, hilarious with a lot of heart. (Yes, I actually teared up at the end). Do not hesitate to think that you might not enjoy this movie because you will. So go see it now!

Will post a spoiler filled review after I review Star Trek (2009). Hope you liked this review and find it helpful. 🙂


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