Star Trek Into Darkness – SPOILERS AND THOUGHTS

As I am still looking for my copy of the 2009 Star Trek film and have lost the ability to watch it at home, I’ll be doing this spoiler review of Star Trek Into Darkness instead. But I promise to post a review of the other film once I’ve seen it again. I just can’t post a review since I want to review it fresh from watching it. And as I’m still pumped from watching Into Darkness and will be watching it again very soon, I’m posting this review with spoilers for those who’ve been itching to discuss this movie because it is awesome!


So for a non-trekkie who have no idea what Klingons are or who Khan is, this film was still amazing. I have no idea what the previous mythology was but I think any universe as large as Star Trek can have a little freedom in terms of re-creating the fantasy world (maybe we can call it an alternate universe? A JJ Abrams version of an alternate universe perhaps?) And I must say the world he and the writers created was masterful. The director and the writers really took their time to evolve the characters and their relationships in this one. Not only did you care more about them because of it, it takes you to a different emotional journey that you never thought you would have in a sci fi adventure.


It’s really amazing to me how JJ Abrams makes his film to be accessible to non-Star Trek fans and fan boys alike. He makes references the old films and series (I guess, because I have no idea) but he also creates a separate world and manages to keep the essence intact. I’m obviously not sure with comparing this movie to the old movies as I have never seen a tidbit of Star Trek material ever so I’ll stop here.


I think this will be more of a discussion on how awesome the film is rather than a review of what it’s about. Because I think the only things I’ve left out from the previous review is that the Klingons are coming (they are the bad guys?) and that Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan (which I don’t really know how big it is in terms of the mythology.) It’s obvious how JJ Abrams created this movie as a stand-alone movie because you can enjoy it without knowing anything. But he also gives the fans what they want which is the references to the original films and series. I think that creates a huge audience who will love the film because it will cater to everyone who loves films in general not just the people who like Star Trek. A lot of Trekkies have mentioned that this movie is a parallel to Wrath of Khan where everything that happened to Kirk now happened to Spock and everything that happened to Spock happened to Kirk. I can’t attest to that but I really think that is a good spin on the original movie and I think fans will appreciate that.


The only thing I have a question with the story for Into Darkness is why would Kirk take the scroll thing in the beginning. Is it me or did that not make sense? Was it a diversion so that they can get Spock can fly to the volcano to neutralize it or could they have avoided that whole thing in the first place? It just threw me a bit but the rest of the story holds up.


What I love about the movie is that it keeps you on your toes the whole time. And that’s because Khan is always up to something. You know he’s only playing for himself at a certain point but you don’t know how far he’ll play you then flip. Like when he revealed his identity and all that, you know that he’s a bad guy (because you’ve heard of the term wrath of Khan) but you never really know how far he’ll go. Also when he beamed Kirk back to the Enterprise and said “No ship should go down with his captain”, you really do feel that he’s ruthless and that he’ll do whatever he can for his cause.


I also really liked it when Spock turned Vulcan predator capable of death grips when Kirk dies and tries to kill Khan, that was really bad-ass. Because I think people tend to feel that Spock methodical and mental but in this one, he definitely opens up his human side to get awesome.


Lastly, as I mentioned before, the heart and the humor of this movie is very thoughtful. It really gives you a sense that it took them 4 years to do the sequel because they wanted it to be this good. They really cared about how the characters matured and how they gel into becoming this crew that cared and respected one another. The quick wit of the film was great too. I mean they didn’t only make fun of the things about the mythology but also made jokes about general things that people can relate to (ie girls and boys as exhibited by the relationship between Spock and Uhura).


Star Trek 3

The idea of a Star Trek 3 without Abrams directing is a bit iffy. I mean he has successfully made a before alienating film appealing to a mass audience. And not only that but the quality of his re-boot is spectacular, I can’t help but be in awe on how good Into Darkness is and how much it makes me interested in the Star Trek universe. I do hope the person to take up Star Trek 3 really puts Abrams re-boot into perspective because it really made me love Star Trek.


Star Wars Episode VII

I can’t wait for Abrams to direct the new Star Wars film. As a Star Wars fan, I can’t help but feel so excited on what he can do with something that is close to his heart with the talent that he has. Although no news has been out for this, but a lot of people have asked him about this a million times, I can’t help but speculate what Episode VII would be especially with 3 of the original cast members still alive. There is such a wide variety of things to do with the Star Wars universe and I think Abrams can and will probably deliver.


Comments? I would love to start a discussion on this movie and Star Trek and Star Wars. Trekkies who would love to educate non-Trekkies, I’m open for any lectures you may have. Please do note though that my knowledge of Star Trek is limited only to the references made by The Big Bang Theory’s characters so please go easy on me 🙂


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