Counting down to Man of Steel – Which movie to review?

So I already have my Man of Steel tickets for June 12 and I simply can’t wait. If I had a time machine, I’d probably just forward myself to the advanced screening so that I can watch it. But since I live in reality and still have to wait until the actual showing, I think it would be interesting to review the movies that led to this one. And no, I don’t mean all the Superman movies (partly because the only Superman movie I have seen was Superman Returns and I didn’t like it that much), I mean the movies that make me want to watch Man of Steel – which are the works of Snyder, Nolan or Goyer.

My reason behind just disregarding the other Superman movies is I’d rather just review the movies that I love rather than sit down to a movie alien to me in many many ways. I will watch them eventually but not until I’ve ran out of movies that I’m excited about to see.

As you may already know if you have been reading some of my entries, I don’t like Superman for the reasons that he is Superman. He’s just too indestructible to be interesting, so I think the movies based off of him will result in the same thing. But to this upcoming movie’s credit, this a reboot with a team of movie demi-gods (?), or just really good people in movies that I want to believe that Superman can be amazing.

So instead of reviewing the past Superman movies, I’m reviewing the movies that made me love the team behind Man of Steel. This way, people who are also apprehensive about it may come to understand that there is hope that the first ever comic book superhero should be put into film.

dawn_of_the_dead_ver2Director – Zack Snyder – Dawn of the Dead

I know not a lot of people understand Zack Snyder very well and those criticisms are merited. Although, I will fight to the death that Watchmen is an awesome movie that will probably be reserved for another time. But anyway, my movie pick for Zack Snyder is the movie that made me notice him as a director (although I think this is his first feature) and it made me love zombies.

MementoProducer – Christopher Nolan – Memento

I am a Nolan fan girl, I don’t care if people think he’s not brilliant or he’s derivative, none of that is true when you see Memento. This is definitely my favorite Nolan movie (and my favorite movie of all time). This movie truly showed that Nolan can spin the simplest things into complex story telling without making the audience feel like an idiot.

Batman BeginsWriter – David S. Goyer – Batman Begins

If you’ve seen my top 20 movies of all time you know that this is my favorite of the Dark Knight Trilogy. That’s because not only was it successful in capturing who Batman is but it also successfully reignited the love for Batman for another generation (after Schumacher ruined it with bat nipples).

Please please please vote for a movie in the comment section. I really do hope to get some feedback regarding which one to review. The beauty of these films are of course, each scene is already embedded in my brain so I can review whichever but when you really think about these movies and the talent that goes with it, it kind of gives you a sense of comfort that maybe Superman can be awesome if it’s given to the right set of people.


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