Dark City Movie Review

dark_city_ver1As this year is packed with sci fi movies, I’m going into full sci fi geek mode with all the Asimov readings and all the sci fi movies. And with watching all that sci fi movies, I feel the need to post my thoughts on them as to prepare us for the upcoming year (Elysium basically).


As a lover of sci fi and movies in general, I’d like to review a movie that I think deserves a lot of credit which it never got, and that is, Dark City. This movie is directed by Alex Proyas (I think he will be forever be tainted by the death of Brandon Lee during the filming of The Crow) and written by David S. Goyer (sounds familiar?) and Lem Dobbs. It stars Rufus Sewell as Murdoch who wakes up next to a dead body with no memories of how he got there. He eventually “detectives” his way into the city and founds out the creepy things that lurk into the night – the never ending night. Oh and yeah, he’s married to a jazz singing Jennifer Connelly and aided by a limping doctor Kiefer Sutherland. It’s kind of hard to describe this movie without spoiling anything but I will try my best because YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE (yes, the rating is in the beginning of this review).


This movie has been compared to the Matrix a lot which is not the same thing. The Matrix is action while this is a sci fi thriller. Maybe they are comparable in the philosophical sense but they are apples and oranges and I think based on story alone (without the special effect), this is a better movie than the Matrix. In truth, I didn’t see this movie when it came out because I was in grade school and probably wouldn’t be allowed in the cinema to see it. I stumbled upon this movie on a blog and once I read better than the Matrix, it automatically captured my attention.


This is noir plus sci fi movie, a mix of genres that I can’t say no to. Instead of comparing it to the Matrix, I’ll say it’s like a darker (in terms of lighting) small budgeted, more artsy version of a Nolan film. Sort of like the Prestige in Inception played by Leonard Shelby from the Memento (wheew with the Nolan analogy but it’s the best way I can describe the feel of this movie). It’s about a big philosophical question that will make your brain turn to mush after three viewings and ponder what the hell does it all mean (well, that’s what at least happened to me anyway). It’s a movie with a deep story line with an even bigger life implication, that’s how good the story is.


The cinematography may not have been groundbreaking but the narrative was very good. It portrays the first character very effectively that you seem to be attached to Murdoch and what he is going through. It creates the questions in your head while revealing the answers to you one by one until the end where you feel the ultimate question and you say, oh, yeah, really? It definitely takes you to the journey of Murdoch at first with the murder but it soon takes you outside to the city where there are more questions than answers. It really is an engrossing story that takes you in and never lets you go.


The acting was definitely good; the main guy definitely looked as confused as the audience must be. He captured the feeling of lost, engrossed and frustrated that you sympathize with him all throughout the movie. Kiefer Sutherland was also very good in the movie, he definitely provided a creepy factor, well, other than the guys in the coats.


As I’ve said in from the start, this is a MUST SEE NOW! Go, watch it! I’ll post a spoiler review of this movie because it is just that good and it’s definitely worth talking about.


4 thoughts on “Dark City Movie Review

  1. nortonsensei says:

    It’s a great movie … I wish I could see it in the theatre again.

  2. mediarray says:

    Definitely a cult classic sci-fi film with some striking visuals. Easily recommendable to any sci-fi fan

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