Batman Begins Movie Review

Batman BeginsIt is now June and I can almost taste the Man of Steel, but since I got no responses (sad face, huhu) of which movie to review before it, I’ll make the choice myself and I’m choosing Batman Begins, together with the two movies after it (not that it’s hard to choose The Dark Knight trilogy).


One of the best, if not the best reboot of a dead franchise as most fans would say, director Christopher Nolan resuscitated the Batman franchise by teaming up with David Goyer to create the Batman that will always stay in our hearts forever. I know this is true because I have always liked Batman among all other superheroes. And as I am not a comic book fanatic, I’ve never been a crazy ass fan of Batman, well that was until this movie. That was because when I saw the old Batman movies, you know the dark and the comical ones, they didn’t strike me as a wow movie. I thought they were fine when I saw them on TV but I never was the one to ask my parents to rent it out so I can see it over and over again. It may have been my age because I was too young when Burton’s batman came out and I was already too old to appreciate Schumacher’s toys campaigns, so I never really got to see and feel the essence of Batman from those. So when I came to the movies to see this, I wasn’t too ecstatic. It was a Batman movie and that was just enough to drag my butt to the theatres. In truth, I wasn’t even the biggest Nolan fan after this, but The Dark Knight sold me and I am an avid disciple after that (but that’s going to be on the next review).


If you haven’t seen this movie, there will be spoilers in this review and I cannot believe that you have not seen this movie. I mean if you have access to this review, you should have had access to see this movie and it’s a crime against great movies that you haven’t seen it. But anyway, here’s the review.


Directed by Christopher Nolan based on a screenplay he wrote with David Goyer, this is a story of how an angry Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) becomes the bad-ass that is Batman. It shows how he struggled to become the hero that we all love from picking himself up from the death of his parents.


The direction of this movie together with the plot and the score is just awesome. You feel the pace then the sudden build up by the score and you know that Bruce Wayne is taking a step closer from losing his selfish egotistic side to being the selfless injustice fighter that he is. I mean the pacing is just awesome, not once did I feel in this movie that that is BS, no, throughout this movie you tend to nod along the story and say, yeah, Batman should’ve been a ninja, that explains a lot, and yeah, Bruce Wayne should have a fatherly affection towards Alfred, because technically he was the one that raised in. All these things tie up in a neat little bow and have Batman fans the present that they deserve which is this awesome Batman movie.


The cast is just outstanding with of course the exception of Katie Holmes. I just felt that she was a teenage superstar trying to fit in with the big boys. I mean she was opposite Christian Bale, the guy who chainsawed a woman in American Psycho and got toothpick thin in The Machinist, she just felt a little too young star to be in this movie. But other than her everyone was awesome. I mean Christian Bale as Batman was amazing, yes, he is my favorite Batman despite his voice. Then you add Michael Cane as his confidant and father figure, check! Then you give him a partner with Dracula himself in the form of Gary Oldman, check! And then you give him a gadget expert in the form of God, Morgan Freeman. After that, you face him off with Oscar Schindler, Liam Neeson and BAM! I mean, it really doesn’t get better than that.


Every scene of this movie caught my interest because the story was so interesting, even the unrealistic one. I mean a lot of people like Nolan for taking a realistic approach on things but when you are dealing with superheroes (which I may add are unrealistic themselves) there will always be things that will be unreal BUT LOGICAL. For example, I know a lot of people have a problem with the bat scene in this movie (the one where he uses sonar to call on the bats) because they said it took them out of the movie a little but I loved it. I know it’s a little farfetched to have sonar control over bats and that you can call them at will but so is a billionaire who becomes a anti-hero using all his power to fight injustice at night, but I think it’s a good direction to put in a little supernatural touch to Batman in terms of Gotham. Because once you’ve put him to a place where he can call on bats, rest assured he becomes a legit figure and somehow transcends being human, therefore no one will fuck with him.


In the end I rate this movie as a MUST SEE NOW! And that is it you haven’t seen it because I doubt it. And if you haven’t seen it in a long time, go see it again. It’s still awesome and will still make you throw your fist in the air in respect to the cool shit that Batman does.


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