The Dark Knight Movie Review

dark_knight_ver4I don’t think I need to tell anyone how awesome The Dark Knight is, because it just is. And by the off chance that you haven’t see it, here’s a review of it, but you should probably see it first. So go, watch it. NOW, pretty pretty please? It’s considered one of the best comic book movies (if not the best already) of all time. Now I can’t say that it’s a comic book movie as I do not read the comic books. To me, The Dark Knight is just a really really awesome movie (period). I definitely think this movie surpasses being called a comic book adaptation in such a way that it just transcends everything and becomes automatically a classic in a suspense-drama-action genre. It is very unfortunate that Heath Ledger died before this film was released due to a deadly mix of pills (yes people, prescription medication kills, just like any drug, so open your eyes to the BS that the pharma companies are feeding you. so sorry for the social commentary) but we tend to suspend the thought of his death while we watch his Oscar winning portrayal of The Joker. Some people equate the success of this movie to Heath Ledger’s death but I disagree. The Dark Knight would have still gotten the praise it got even if Ledger did not die in the process. Yes can say that it got some buzz because of it, but you cannot attribute the success of a well-directed, awesomely written and amazingly acted movie, you just can’t.

Directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan from the story by him and Goyer and translated to a screenplay by him and his brother, this is the sequel to Batman Begins, this is the story of what happens next after Batman has started his sort of guardianship over Gotham City. The movie reprised the roles of the first film with the re-cast of Katie Holmes to Maggie Gylenhaal (YES!), Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and Heath Ledger as The Joker that we will never forget (literally never). I think this is the movie that put Christopher Nolan on the map; he may have made great movies before this, like Memento and Insomnia but never really registered with the mass audience. I think this is what got him recognized by everyone and instantly became a mainstream success.

So the story and the direction is just awesome. Just like in Batman Begins, Nolan knows how to create build up that will stop your heart. I mean, the first scene which is the bank robbery heist, it was so intense that right after The Joker revealed himself, I had to take my eyes away from the screen (on my first viewing) because I was so scared of what he may do, that’s what you call intense. Nolan creates this realistic world that sucks you in. He knows how to make you relate to the world and he knows how you blow the eff out of your mind. I mean who could have ever thought to write the Joker’s magic trick on the board meeting, I mean, I know I may not have seen a lot of movies by comparison to some, but I have seen a few, and I have never been at awe at how someone could be able to do that. I mean crazy people are a staple in movies, I mean it’s not hard to see someone just go ape shit and just starts killing randomly, but it takes someone as good as Nolan to create the psyche of someone of who may or may not kill you but he might and probably will but you are never sure (I think I read that description of the Joker somewhere). He Gotham he created and the people he put in it is just so real that you can’t help but marvel on how good this movie is. This movie had such amazing moments and such interesting dialogue that it leaves you speechless, that you can’t possibly describe how cool it actually is. This movie also has some cool stuff, of course like the Bat mobile, but now you get the Bat pod which flips its tires. The cinematography is also amazing. But you all tend to think of it as a secondary good thing despite how good it is because of the acting.

And now the cast…. Of course Christian Bale will be awesome as Batman, I think he already got the persona down, which is kind of hard I think because he has to be at least 3 people in one. He has to be Batman, Bruce Wayne the rich guy and Bruce Wayne the real guy and that’s hard to pull off, but he did that’s why he’s awesome. He may not have so much screen time but when he is, he kicks ass. I mean the interrogation scene, it was just, for the lack of a better word, awesome. The recast to Maggie Gylenhaal was great, I mean she looked and sounded like the part. You really do feel that she was a more appropriate Rachel Dawes compared to Katie Holmes (you never miss her when she left). Aaron Eckhart was also great as Harvey Dent because you really feel the gravity when he turned into Two Face. I mean he was mostly Harvey in the film, but he carried himself with the pride, respect and intellect of the White Knight as they call him. But when he loses his crap, he lost it, he really really did. The returning cast were also great (Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman) but they were definitely eclipsed by Heath Ledger. I mean the lines that the Joker had in this movie will forever be quoted, he is simply an agent of chaos, as he put it, and that is definitely true when you see the movie. He portrayed the Joker as a crazy mother eff but he didn’t go completely crazy, because anyone that crazy will be dismissed. He became crazy with a goal which is to burn Gotham to the ground. He was just so convincing, in the way he talked, the way he acted, everything.

This is just an awesome movie and I think this review may undercut it. So go see the Dark Knight now, it’s a MUST SEE NOW. Go!


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