The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

dark_knight_risesThe end to Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises in my opinion was a satisfying ending to the epic Batman story that lead us to believe that Batman will never be defeated, because he has become more than just a man, he became a legend.


I waited for this movie since I saw The Dark Knight and with the death of Heath Ledger; there was a time that I felt that a conclusion cannot be made because the Joker was already dead (I mean in real life, because he was still alive in the end of the Dark Knight). But I think to no one’s surprise, Nolan pulled a bunny out of the hat and made this film and proved himself worthy to be the one entrusted with the Batman franchise.


As with the two other films, this film surpasses the being a comic book superhero movie as it is just a great movie in general. Filled with character driven stories with the theme of pain and redemption, it’s like a mirror to society in extremes. It’s like a looking glass where you can see the future consequences of your actions whatever they may be. I mean the Nolan Batman universe provides us with a good cause and effect of our decisions. For example, in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne made a choice not to be a victim, therefore he becomes a hero or an anti-hero as people would see him. In TDK, Batman and Gordon chose to forge peace with a lie, as a consequence, 8 years after the event, they are still haunted with the lie. Nolan really has the human psyche down, and he know how people react and should react to a stimuli in the environment.


Now on to the review, of course the direction was still unbelievable. What Nolan did with this one was bigger than TDK obviously. Despite the lesser number of villains he had to deal with (because in TDK he dealt with the mob, The Joker and the evil Harvey Dent) in the form of Bane (which we were lead to believe) what Bane did was on a grander scale than the Joker did. I mean the Joker just wanted to play with the Batman, but Bane had a real true goal which is to destroy Gotham (side note: which provides a wrap up to Batman Begins because this was Ra’s Al Ghuls plan from the start). Nolan definitely wrote a bolder villain, he may not be as theatrical as The Joker, but Bane has an aura of menace that you cannot disregard. I mean the part where he said to the CEO guy, “Do you think you’re in charge?”, I would’ve peed my pants out of terror. His version of Catwoman was also good because you always find her wanting to do good but being held back by her own desires. She’s not all good, but she’s not all bad. I mean she fed Batman to the sharks, where he got the life kicked out of him. But she did it because she had to survive. The score is also amazing, I mean the rise chant was awesome as I can still hear it in my head every time I see Bane anywhere.


The story is good, but in your head, you always seem to compare it to TDK which makes you doubt it. But the plot of this story definitely has its own merit. I mean despite what looks like peace in Gotham, you get the inkling that it’s rotting on its core. It also ties in very well with the two previous movies as it depicts what the villains in the previous movies have predicted. Gotham will eventually fall and that people will eat each other when the social contracts are cancelled. The way everything is intertwined in this really makes you invest more emotions towards the end. The fact that the Joker was right with how people would behave and that Ra’s child will ultimately fulfill his goal, it just makes TDKR more thoughtful. And with the ending, it definitely proves Batman right, that a hero can be anyone.


The acting is still superb. The returning cast did well, as they always do. I think Bale portrayed the acceptance part of letting go of being Batman very well. JGL was also good in the movie, I mean the way he kicked ass was kind of funny because you tend to think he has no combat skills, but of course this is realistic because Batman in order to kick as much ass as he does, he had to train to be a ninja. Anne Hathaway is also good in the movie because she definitely kicks ass. She also portrays fear very well. I mean when she was on the airport talking to Blake about Bane, I feel the terror inside of her. Tom Hardy as Bane was also good, I mean I can’t believe how bulky he looked. He portrays villainous very well. He perfectly showed how to be scary with just the way he stood and walked. Marion Cottilard wasn’t as powerful as the rest of the cast and her death was bleh, but when she stabbed Batman and told him about who she really was, I think that was her best scene in the movie. She carried the long monologue very well. Alfred, Lucius and Gordon were as good as they were in the first two movies, but I mean what else do you expect from actors on their caliber?


In the end, if you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises, I suggest you watch it now. It’s a MUST SEE NOW. Also, it’s good to watch them continuously from Batman Begins to TDKR (like what I do with LOTR). It just gives you the whole story of Bruce Wayne as Batman. Since I feel that my reviews of the Nolan Batman movies are a bit short (in terms of details), I’ll probably post a separate review on my thoughts about it on my next post. Hope you enjoyed this one!


2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Dark, epic, and always compelling. This was my favorite movie of the summer last year and it was almost my favorite of the whole year. Then I saw Django, and the rest was history, as they say. Good review Paning.

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