Man of Steel Movie Review (No Spoilers)

man-of-steel-posterSo I just saw Man of Steel an hour ago and I still honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I mean don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t crap but I am still trying to figure out how it ranks among superhero movies or movies of the same theme. As I was recently so wowed by JJ Abrams follow up to Star Trek and still greatly influenced by the Dark Knight Trilogy, it’s hard to watch this movie without comparing it to those movies. And I also don’t know how this ranks among the other Superman movies as I have only seen Superman Returns. But please find comfort with the fact that this definitely buries Superman Returns to rest so that we can move on with the franchise.

Let me start by trying to describe the feel of the movie, to me it felt a little District 9 + Spiderman + The Hulk. It’s a little alien invasion, a little finding out who you are and a lot of action (a ton crap of action). As we all know this is a reboot to the Superman franchise, unlike Superman Returns which was a continuation of Superman’s story from the first one. This is directed by Zack Snyder and written by David Goyer. The film focuses on the story of Kal-El / Clark Kent as he was born and how he became Superman.

The direction is fine but I did have some pacing issues. I mean some of the cinematography was amazing and the artistic shots glues themselves into your minds. You can definitely tell Snyder directed this movie because you see some Watchmen and owl shots in this film and that familiarity feels comforting. Also, the action sequences were so cool. I mean the movie successfully portrayed Clark, Zod and the rest of the aliens as out of this world. The effects were also amazing and the set pieces were massive. However, I feel like this movie was 30 minutes too long and there was a pacing issue. I mean when I said that this movie was full of action, it literally is, to a point where you want them to stay on the ground and talk to get more emotions out of the characters. The thing was, while I was watching this, my mind keeps going back to comparing it with JJ Abrams’ Star Trek (I am not even sure if they can be compared side by side as they touch on different themes and genres) and keep thinking Star Trek was a bit better. But I really have to give credit to Goyer for the screenplay. I mean the origin story was well put together. I mean from the moment you get to Krypton and then you come to earth, each piece of Kal-El/Clark’s journey makes sense. Every part of how he came to be is good that when you try to dissect part of this movie, you become more convinced that it makes sense.

In general, the cast definitely did their parts well. But there was some bit of chemistry that I think they didn’t have ( I mean think Batman cast, they didn’t have that). Henry Cavill was an awesome Superman, he was hot (yes, I’m a girl and I notice things like that) yet mysterious, humble and lost. He portrayed a sense of longing and uncertainty as he should for he is an alien in on earth who doesn’t know why he’s here. He also portrays the sense of restriction to himself as he can crush any human if he wanted too. Russell Crowe had a lot to do in the film which I didn’t expect. He was a great Jor-El, a good father figure and mentor. Kevin Costner was also good as Pa Kent but he didn’t have as much time as Crowe (although, his delivery of the dialogue in the movie provides the intrigue for the viewer). Michael Shannon was also good as Zod, he gives the military man who will do anything to do his duty justice. Amy Adams was ok, I mean I was never really a big fan, so I was just glad that she was fine (I think I’m still thinking about her in Enchanted that’s why I was worries she wouldn’t fit). Diane Lane was also good in the movie, I mean there was this one touching scene with her and Clark and it really was sweet.

In the end, despite having mixed feelings about this movie, I still rate it as MUST SEE NOW, because it is Superman. But I have to tell you to take it as it is and not compare it to other awesome movies. I think I have to see it again as I may have overlooked a lot but this movie is definitely enjoyable at the least. It’s a good story for Superman with a good cast with a gazillion action sequences so go ahead and see it. I’ll be posting a spoiler review soon, I just don’t know when since I think most people will see this during the weekend and I have to do something this weekend so I can’t post anything. Hope you liked this review and go see Man of Steel 🙂


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