Man of Steel – Spoilers and Thoughts

A lot of people have seen MoS now and it’s now rating rotten on rottentomatoes. So I think it’s time to discuss it. Until now, I still don’t know how much I liked Man of Steel, not even sure if I just want to like it because I like the people behind it. But anyways, I can say with clarity that I like Watchmen better than this one (although this may have some bias as I am more of a mystery fan rather than an action fan).


I think there was a lot of background information for the story but not enough character development. I don’t know how that can happen but I feel that in MoS it did. I mean there was a lot of things happening (it was a 2hr 30 min movie) but there were definitely some scenes when I looked at my watch and yawned. Don’t get me wrong, the fight scenes were incredible, yes they were CGI but you can never really do that to real people anyway. I mean the fast movements, the getting thrown parts were awesome, for the first 15 minutes, but you want to move on. But when I try to dissect the entire movie, it all makes sense. I know this because I narrated the whole plot of MoS to a friend who wants to spoil it before watching and she agreed with me that the story was interesting. But I just can’t deny the times when I yawned and felt that things weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


But despite being a little bit bored at some of the extended fight scenes, I still can’t help but be enthralled with the details of the story. Krypton doomed, breeding babies like the Matrix, Zod being loyal to Krypton and Krypton only, Jor-El being scientific and motivated, humans on earth reacting bat shit crazy – the motivations in this film are just very good. You understand what they do and where they are coming from so every time they do something, you get it, it’s not farfetched. Like in the end, when he killed Zod, I understand why he did it. I mean he may be the hero who killed Zod but if he didn’t, Zod would never stop, he had no other way but to just kill the dude. And I mean in the end, he gave out that frustrated angry aaagggghhhh, so you know he didn’t want to do it because he’s a good guy but in order to be the good guy, he needed to do it. And also the terraforming thing, it really all just makes good sense.


But, I think that the emotional moments weren’t too focused or maybe just too short. As I said, I compared this most with the recent Star Trek where there’s full blown action but then you get this little touching moments in between, then you get this huge emotional scene then it’s full blown action again. In Man of Steel if feels like, 15minutes of action then another 10, then 5minutes of self-defining drama then back to kicking ass. The pacing is just wrong for me. The flashbacks in the beginning were great, you get to meet Clark in a way that explains why he is who he is and how much his earth parents influenced him. Like when he first discovered x-ray vision and Diane Lane had to pick him up, it was a really touching moment. Also when Pa Kent died, it was a really emotional moment and it takes you to a level where you feel like Clark IS human and not alien. But I think there weren’t as long as they should be.


I’m obviously contradicting myself in this but what I’m saying is really how I feel about the film. I think they really captured who Superman is (or successfully established who they want him to be for people like me who don’t read comic books) and the people around him but I guess I just wanted more of that touching side. It’s a good film despite its shortcomings and maybe I just need to see it more so that I can appreciate it better. And yeah, i noticed a Lexcorp Gas Truck getting blown up during the final fight scene between Superman and Zod so maybe we can assume that Lex Luthor is going to be in the next movie?


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